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RV or Campground Shower: Which Do You Prefer?

Next time you are sitting around a campfire and the conversation starts to run dry, here's a fun topic to discuss: RV or campground shower? Pose that question and you had better get ready to rumble. Discussions about showering on the road can get a little boisterous. Whether you are a full-timer or weekend warrior, you still have to shower. The biggest question is how you're going to do it. Motorhomes, fifth wheels, and larger travel trailers have built-in showers. Most of your modern campgrounds [...]

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That Nerve-Racking Moment You Do Your First RV Set Up

If nothing else, we RV owners have at least one thing in common: we were all first-timers at one time. We have all gone through the experience of learning how to set up our rigs at campsites while lacking even basic knowledge and experience. We have all lived through that nerve-racking moment of setting up the RV for the very first time. Maybe you just bought your first RV at a year-end closeout sale. Perhaps you're planning to buy a trailer next spring. Either way, [...]

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Why You Might Be Happier Arriving at Your Campsite Early

There are no hard and fast rules dictating when you should first arrive at a campsite. The one obvious exception is a campground's established check-in time. It has to be honored so that campers on their way out have ample time to pack up and get moving. But other than that, when you arrive is up to you. Suffice it to say that there are definite benefits to arriving early. What is early? Again, there are no hard and fast rules. Let's just assume, for [...]

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S’mores Are Great No Matter Where They Come From

Enjoying s'mores around the campfire is a tradition camping families have enjoyed for decades. If you own an RV, there is a good chance you and yours have eaten your fair share of s'mores. But where did the gooey, sweet treat actually come from? That depends on who you ask. A documented history of the s'more is hard to come by. Some fans of the campfire treat attribute its creation to the Girl Scouts back in the late 1920s. Others say the confection dates to [...]

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It Feels Good to Be Warm and Cozy Inside Your RV

You are lying in bed on a cold, early winter morning. And despite being in your RV, you are as warm and snug as ever. Nothing can spoil your mood right now. This is your favorite time of day. And yes, there's a special feeling of satisfaction that comes with being warm and cozy inside your RV. For some people, it is a feeling similar to looking out the living room window during the middle of a blizzard and knowing that you're safely stowed away [...]

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Making the Most of That Last Day of Camping

There is one particular day that seems universally disliked by RV owners. That day is the last day of any camping trip. It is the day you have to get up in the morning and start packing things up. It's time to go home, back to the rat race and the cares of life in suburban or urban society. The last day of camping doesn't have to be so much of a downer. Yes, you still have to deflate your AirSkirts RV skirting and pack [...]

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