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What RV Skirting and Wi-Fi Access Have in Common

Discussions about buying an RV often focus on styles, sizes, floor plans and features. It is not until after a purchase is made that most owners start thinking about other things. Take RV skirting and wi-fi access products. These tend to be afterthoughts. It turns out they have quite a bit in common. Weekend warriors might think nothing of RV skirting and wi-fi access. After all, they only camp in good weather and they are happy to use their phones to get online. But if [...]

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6 Hacks for Maximizing Precious Space in Your RV

If you are new to the whole RV thing, you might still be learning just how precious the space inside your rig is. With only a few hundred square feet to work with, you cannot afford to spread out like you do at home. But no worries. Generations of previous RV owners have paved the way for you. They have come up with some ingenious hacks for maximizing precious RV space. We have compiled a list of our favorite space-saving hacks below. If you can [...]

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Top 3 Things to Think About with Long-Term RV Parking

RV owners come and go every day at a typical American campground. Some stick around for a few days before moving on. Others stay a week or two. Still others are just passing through overnight. But then there are those RV owners who are more likely to look for a long-term RV parking solution. For the purposes of this post, long-term parking is not the same thing as storage. It is parking your RV in the same spot for an extended amount of time and [...]

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How to Shop Around for RV Insurance

We trust you shopped around before you chose AirSkirts inflatable RV skirting. After all, we wouldn't want you deciding on our product without determining that it was your best option. We feel the same way about RV insurance. It is worth shopping around in order to guarantee you get exactly what you want. Shopping around for RV insurance isn't a whole lot different from shopping for car insurance. There are several ways to do it. We discuss your options below, along with some of the [...]

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What Are the Differences Between Class A and Class C Motorhomes?

It is probably safe to say that the majority of motorhomes now on the road are either Class A or Class C models (sidenote: check out our RV skirting for motorhomes here). Class B motorhomes are out there, but they are little more than camper vans that don't offer a whole lot of storage or sleeping space. If you want something more than a tricked-out van, you have to go with a Class A or C. Do you know the differences between the two? Right [...]

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How Do Full-Time RVers Actually Make a Decent Living?

Visit any campground in America and you are likely to find a good selection of full timers. Some are retired, but many still work. You might wonder how that's possible. Well, quite frankly, there are plenty of things full timers can do to make a decent living even as they crisscross the country in their motorhomes or fifth wheels. Making a living as a full-time RVer is a lot like protecting a motorhome's plumbing with RV skirting. It is a matter of thinking things through, [...]

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