We’ve Got a Skirt in Your Size

Our Inflatable RV Skirting Kits Are Built to Work With Any Camper – Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Motorcoach – We’ve Got Your RV Skirt Right Here

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Which Kit Do I Need?

Want some help figuring out which kit you need? Answer the questions below to find the right kit, or click here to get in touch.

How It Works

Our kits are made to fit RVs of all shapes and sizes. Each kit is pre-configured to fit your RV – we only need to know your RV’s manufacturer stated length (this includes your bumper, hitch, and fifth wheel neck) and how high your RV sits off the ground (ground clearance) to get you the right kit.

Guaranteed to Fit

We guarantee our kit will fit your RV – every order is reviewed by an AirSkirts engineer prior to shipment. If needed, we may change the tube configuration for your RV at no additional cost.

Choose Your Kit and Components

Choosing the right skirt kit is easy – select the kit that matches your manufacturer’s stated length, and then choose standard or high clearance. Ground clearance is how high your RV sits off the ground – read more here. Motorhomes (all classes) and most bumper pull trailers don’t require high clearance, while all fifth wheels likely do.

No-Hassle Returns, Five Year Warranty

We believe in our product and we think you will too. You can return your order within 30 days for any reason, and we also provide an industry exceeding 5 year warranty on our skirting products.

What’s In the Box

Storage Bag

Our storage bag fits your entire AirSkirts kit for easy storage in your truck bed or storage area. Durable and spacious, we recommend loading the bag in place.

AirSkirts Skirt Tubes

Skirt Tubes, Various Sizes

Each RV Skirt Kit comes with the correct combination of tubes to fit your travel trailer, fifth wheel, motorcoach, teardrop, or other type of RV.
800W Electric Air Pump

AC Air Pump

Our 800W AC Air Pump both inflates your skirt tubes and components and deflates them for storage. Tube inflation time is super fast with this high velocity pump.
AirSkirts Owner's Manual

Owner’s Manual

Our easy-to-understand owner’s manual makes setting up your AirSkirts kit for the first time a snap. Click above to preview the manual prior to purchase.
Sharp Edge Corner Protectors

Sharp Edge Corner Protectors

To prevent punctures due to accidental overinflation of your AirSkirts tubes, place these corner protectors on sharp, right angled edges.
RV Undercarriage Sharp Edge Protector

Sharp Edge Strip Protector

If there are sharp objects underneath your RV, use our strip protector to prevent accidental punctures to your tubes due to overinflation.
PVC Patch Material

Patch Material

AirSkirts inflatable products are extremely tough and resilient, so a puncture is very unlikely with proper care, but this patch material is included in your kit just in case.
Tire Wedges Set

Tire Wedges (Add-On)

Our tire wedges sit between your tires on two or three axle RVs to complete the seal around your RV’s perimeter. Wedges can be placed above and below the tires.
AirSkirts Buffer Pillow

Buffer Pillow (Add-On)

For RVs with irregular objects on the undercarriage, our buffer pillows can help to fully seal and fill gaps left as tubes form around these areas.
RV Skirt Stair Pillow

Stair Pillow (Add-On)

For RVs that have stairs that extrude below the chassis, or stair pillow fills the gap left in the stair box. Not needed for all RVs.
RV Window Insulation Reflectix

Reflectix (Add-On)

We love using Reflectix to insulate our windows, vents, and more. Because it’s relatively stiff you can simply cut Reflectix to your window size and it will hold itself in place.
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