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The Rugged, Inflatable AirSkirts Cooler

Coolers take up too much space. AirSkirts Cooler is here to change that.

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Because our cooler packs down into a smaller carry bag it’s easy to fit into spaces a normal cooler won’t, such as RV closets or storage compartments, closets, trunks, and more

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A Cooler You Don’t Have to Lug Around

Our cooler packs down into a small carry bag and inflates when you need it. Its construction allows it to be extremely sturdy and rigid at a high PSI, and trapped air acts as a natural insulator to keep the contents cold.

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AirSkirts Cooler Specifications

Sturdy Yet Inflatable with a New, Patent-pending Design

Our cooler uses a drop-stitch PVC fabric that allows it to be inflated to a high pressure while maintaining its shape. Because of its construction, this cooler can withstand hundreds of pounds of force, so it’s no pool toy.

Keeps Stuff Cold

Trapped air is a great, natural insulator – a concept we employ in most of our products. Small but mighty, the AirSkirts cooler keeps ice cold for two days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cooler easy to puncture?2022-09-21T11:48:08-04:00

The AirSkirts cooler is made from a very durable PVC material – the same stuff used on stand-up paddleboards that need to be able to hit rocks and other water hazards. Though difficult to puncture each cooler also contains a patch kit.

What’s covered in the five-year warranty?2022-09-21T11:48:37-04:00

Our five-year warranty covers all craftsmanship for the cooler, including all glued and welded components, valves, and any aspect of the cooler’s construction (except for punctures).

How cold will it keep my stuff?2022-09-21T11:48:57-04:00

The primary purpose of the cooler is portability and the ability to keep things cool for parties, events, and trips. Our cooler will keep ice cold for up to two days when untouched and provide a full day’s worth of cooling during normal active use.

How many quarts is it?2022-09-21T11:49:19-04:00

Our cooler is 58 quarts.

How long will it stay inflated?2022-09-21T11:49:42-04:00

The cooler will retain air pressure for weeks or months and is unlikely to require routine reinflation.

How long does it take to inflate?2022-09-21T11:50:03-04:00

You’ll have your cooler inflated in just a few minutes, and deflating / packing up is just as quick.

How do I inflate and deflate it?2022-09-21T11:50:27-04:00

A high-pressure hand pump that both inflates and deflates is included with the cooler.

How do I clean the cooler?2022-09-21T11:51:09-04:00

The cooler has a removable TPU liner making cleaning the cooler easy. Just pull out the liner and wash with soap and water.

What are the dimensions?2022-09-21T11:51:30-04:00

Exterior: 28”x16.75”x16.75” Interior: 24”x11.5”x12.5”

How small does the cooler pack up?2022-09-21T11:51:51-04:00

Stored in Carry Bag: 14.5”x27.5”x6.5” Deflated Cooler Only: 24”x14”x5” For particularly small or challenging spaces, the pump can be removed and stored separately, further optimizing the size when in storage.

Can I pick the cooler up when it’s full?2022-09-21T11:52:12-04:00

Yes, the handles on the cooler will allow you to pick it up and the cooler will maintain shape even when full.

Can I sit / stand / rest on it?2022-09-21T11:52:31-04:00

Yes, the cooler is sturdy enough to hold most adults.

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