Magnetic RV Window Covers (Are They Worth It?)

Recently we’ve been doing a series of posts on RV windows (see: ‘Standard RV Window Sizes‘ with a focus on window shades and covers (see: ‘RV Window Shades vs RV Window Covers – Is Their A Difference?’). In this post we’ll look at magnetic RV window covers, what they are, what benefits they provide, and how much they cost. Finally, we’ll direct you towards some options if you are looking to buy.

What Are Magnetic RV Window Covers?

Magnetic RV window covers are a type of window cover designed for RVs that use magnets to hold the cover in place, rather than snaps, adhesives, or other options. The magnets work with the metal framing on the RV windows.

Magnetic RV Window Cover Costs and Benefits

Magnetic Window Cover Costs

  • $30-50 for basic models, typically little to no insulation
  • $300 or more for higher end with insulating properties
  • Pricing will vary with window size, and for a complete solution, it will depend on the amount of windows you have and their size

Magnetic Window Cover Benefits

  • Ease-of-installation – although interior shades are typically easier to install than exterior covers, amongst exterior options, magnetic covers are often considered the easiest to install
  • Insulation – this is the primary function of most external window covers, magnetic included, helping the camper interior stay warmer in the cold, and cooler in the heat offering both energy savings and comfort (it’s not just the material, the external placement of the covers is key to the insulating properties)
  • Protection – with the exterior placement of most magnetic window covers, you’ll get a shield against scratches, UV wear, stone nicks, etc.
  • Privacy – this will differ from one product to the next, but many offer privacy in the form of an additional barrier between your interior living space and the external world

Where To Find Magnetic RV Window Covers

You can find magnetic window shades at Amazon and Walmart. Additional RV window shades and covers can be found at:

Sample Window Cover Material

swatch of rv window cover material
corner of black window cover material