RV Window Shades vs RV Window Covers – Is Their A Difference?

Earlier this month we looked at common RV window sizes, last week we looked at interior vs exterior window shades, now we are taking a look at the difference between RV window shades and RV window covers. This might be a little redundant with the last post (exterior being mostly covers, and interior being mostly shades), and I might combine them in the future, but for now I wanted to spell it out clearly, but I’ll keep it brief. As for all the RV window related posts, this isn’t even the last one, we have an unintentional series going on, expect one or two more.

RV Window Shades and Covers Compared

In a literal sense, we shouldn’t really be comparing RV window shades to RV window covers, because the latter is technically a broad term that includes RV window shades — colloquially though, and from a marketing of products standpoint, you will see them used as comparables, so below we’ll compare the two.

RV Window Shades

RV Window Covers

  • Typically on the interior of the RV
  • Primary function is to block light
  • Secondarily they offer privacy
  • Can add to the aesthetics of the interior
  • Can be used in conjunction with exterior covers
  • Interior or exterior, though more likely to be exterior than a shade
  • Exterior covers have the main purpose of providing insulation in cold weather and warm weather
  • Exterior covers also provide protection to the glass, lessening scratches and nicks
  • Can be used in conjunction with interior shades

Looking to Buy?

There are countless places to buy RV window shades and RV window covers. Here are a couple we’ve tried and liked:

RV Window Shades

RV Window Covers

Blackout EZ RV Window Cover

Closing Thoughts

That’s it for our look at RV window shades and covers. Assess your particular camper and RVing style and go with what fits your needs the best. For full-timers and cold weather campers, you’ll probably want something with insulation capabilities. For snowbirds and casual campers, perhaps the aesthetics of a simple shade or drape are enough. If you are an active RVer, and have the means (shout to Ferris), get them both.

I leave you with a closeup picture of some exterior RV window cover material in both black and white. This would just be one component of the solution, but it might help to visualize things.