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Prime Time RV Skirting

AirSkirts® Inflatable RV Skirts work for any Prime Time travel trailer, destination trailer, fifth wheel, or toy hauler. Designed by a full time RVer, AirSkirts fit like a glove no matter what model you have.

AirSkirts work for any Prime Time RV

Whether you have a travel trailer (Avenger, Tracer, Lacrosse, etc.), a fifth wheel (Crusader, Crusader Lite, Sanibel, etc.), or any other rig in the Prime Time lineup, AirSkirts will help protect your RV year-round. Just select the kit that fits your RVs length and ground clearance, and we’ll do the rest.

Use and protect your Prime Time camper year-round

Now, with AirSkirts, you can extend your camping season or set yourself up for full time living in any climate. RV skirts are a must for any RV in freezing temperatures. AirSkirts do such a good job at insulating and protecting your RV – heat dissipating through the floor is retained by AirSkirts, creating a warm cushion of air under your rig that keeps your water running and keeps you comfortable. Even better – AirSkirts work year round, saving energy and maintaining your comfort in warmer months by conserving air conditioner energy use.

Damage to your RV from frozen pipes is very costly

Damage to any RV from freezing pipes is expensive and disruptive to your life. When considering the cost of damage from frozen pipes or a flood, also consider how long you will be displaced from your RV. It’s also worth noting that most insurance companies won’t cover damage due to frozen pipes.

Recommended accessories for your Prime Time camper

AirSkirts Dual Axle Tire Cover

Cover both of your dual-axle tires at once with our AirSkirts tire covers. These covers surround both of your tires and stay in place by means of an elastic backing.

AirSkirts Tire Wedges Large

For trailers with 2-3 axles, tire wedges provide added insulation and protection by inflating snugly between your tires. Though not mandatory, tire wedges add additional insulation between your dual-axle tires and complement our tire covers.

Airlight RV Skylight Insulator

Available in various sizes, our AirLight skylight insulator allows you to prevent energy from whisking away while still allowing the sun to shine through. Your skylight shade will still close perfectly.

RV Skirt Stair Pillow

If your stairs extend from underneath your trailer add a stair pillow – this pillow fills in the gap left under the stair area. This item is only necessary for stairs that have a welded frame below the trailer chassis – if your steps fold out from the door you won’t need one. Stair pillows are 1 foot by 2 feet.

Recently Skirted:

AirSkirts are designed to fit all RVs, here are just a few Prime Time models that are using AirSkirts:

  • 2021 Prime Time Sanibel 3102RSWB 36′
  • 2012 Prime Time LaCrosse travel trailer 32’
  • Prime time Crusader 2022 43
  • Prime Time Crusader 382MBH 2022 43 feet.
  • Prime time Crusader 320DEN 36’ 2019 36’ 5th wheel
  • 2020 Prime Time Manufacturing Avenger LT 16RD
  • 2018 Prime Time Avenger ATI, 27DBS
  • 2019 Prime SAnibel
  • 2019 Prime Time Sanibel 42′
  • 2018 Prime Time Crusader 36.5 feet
  • 2015 Prime Time Sanibel 3251
  • 2021 Prime Time 395BHL 41′

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