Measuring for RV Tire Covers (How-To)

So you’re you looking to protect your tires with some new tire covers. Let’s take a look a look at how to measure your tires to make sure you buy the right set of tire covers. We’ll also look at the various types of tire covers out there.

How To Measure Your Tires for Tire Covers

There are two main ways to measure for tire covers:

  1. Note the “tire size” printed on the tire (e.g. ST235/80R16, 275/70R22.5, etc.) and plug these numbers into a calculator at a site like to get the wheel diameter and width dimensions
  2. Grab some measuring tape and measure the wheel diameter and the width
tire sizes explained for covers

Selecting Tire Covers

Once you have the wheel diameter and width, go to a tire cover retailer like us here at AirSkirts or on Amazon, Walmart, etc. Product listing descriptions will show the dimensions of the tire covers and make sure that is greater than or equal to your measurements. Often there is some stretchability and bungee cords so tire covers fit more than one specific size. An example of this is below from

sample rv tire cover size chart

Adjusting for Dual-Axel RV Tire Covers

Although some people do use 4 single wheel covers on their dual-axle campers, most prefer to go with a a solution that covers both tires with one cover, such as the our Dual-axle Tire Covers which come in a complete set of two. This route is definitely the way to go if you are pairing your covers with an RV skirting solution like the ones we specialize in here at AirSkirts.

How To Measure for Dual-Axle Tire Covers?

For dual-axle tire covers, the wheel diameter is your height needed, the width is the depth needed, but you’ll need one more measurement which is the left edge of the rear tire to the right edge of the forward tire (alternatively you can take the wheel diameter, multiply by 2, and then add the space  between the tires).