Camper Underpinning vs RV Skirting: Are They The Same Thing?

We just took a look at the basics of RV skirting. In researching around the web, and looking at our own search data, it became clear that there is a little confusion on exactly what to call the solutions we use to protect our RV’s undercarriage from the weather and wind.

Is RV underpinning the same as RV skirting?
For the most part, yes, in modern usage, RV underpinning (and camper underpinning) is used synonymously with RV skirting, as is RV wind skirting, because those using them have the same intent: to find a solution for protecting the underbelly of their RV and keep their pipes from freezing.

Although we can pretty safely use them interchangeably, I did want to delve into some nuances for those looking to explore this a little bit deeper. When comparing RV underpinning vs RV skirting the subtle difference in usage for some might date back to the origins of “underpinning” in general.

Airstream Skirting Setup in Winter

Taking a step back, underpinning standalone means:

  1. The material and construction (such as a foundation) used for support of a structure
  2. Something that serves as a foundation

Modern RV skirting isn’t typically part of the support structure, and often is packable and transportable, but I imagine RV underpinning being used more frequently with stationary campers, destination trailers, and motorhomes, even tiny homes. If anyone reading this is closer to that world, or was RVing before “RV skirting” skyrocketed as the predominant phrasing (see Google trends below) please leave a comment to validate or disprove this hypothesis.

It looks like both camper underpinning and underpinning in general hasn’t reached the heights it was at in 2004 when Google first started collecting data. As modern, more transportable and effective options like AirSkirts inflatable RV skirts, as well as attached vinyl skirts, have become more popular, and the demographics have shifted younger, the preference has become “RV skirting” and “camper underpinning” has come to be used interchangeably by most.

Although the focus of this post is on underpinning vs skirting, I wanted to make a quick note about wind skirting. Similarly, RV wind skirting is used by most interchangeable. When digging for a nuanced difference between RV skirting and wind skirting, I’d say wind skirting is going to skew towards being a wind barrier with little if any insulating properties, while RV skirting should skew towards both being a wind barrier AND insulator for the underbelly of the camper.

Camper Skirting vs RV Skirting Trends

Underpinning Search and Topic Trends

underpinning google trends graph

That does it for this post, just a quick one to answer something that confused me when I first started RVing, and something I believe confuses others, especially RV newbies.