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Why Ease-Of-Use Is So Important to AirSkirts’ Design

We have received a ton of positive feedback since launching AirSkirts and we couldn't be happier. When we were creating AirSkirts, we knew there was a need for a quick, simple to set up/break down, attractive skirting system that could be reused and didn’t require making permanent changes to your RV. The answer came in the form of air. Use It or Lose It RV skirting is very much a 'use it or lose it' product. You can buy the most expensive skirting on the [...]

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What Are Your RVing Preferences for 2021?

Spring has finally arrived in the northern hemisphere. This has many a part-time RVer dreaming about getting back on the road. And If you are one of those part-timers, have you decided where you're going this year? I If not, maybe now is a good time to step back and consider your options. . Or maybe you’re looking into getting an RV for the first time and wondering what a skirt is, why you need one, and what the different options are. Let's face it, [...]

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5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Family RV

You and your family are looking at your very first RV purchase. You settled on a fifth wheel and pick-up truck combination. Based on what you've seen others do, you are also thinking you might need some extra accessories that don't come with the rig. But wait. You could spend a ton of money on those extras. What do you need to get started? Your choice of accessories is really based on how you plan to use your RV, where you plan to travel, and [...]

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Air: The Secret to Great RV Skirting

You can buy custom-made trailer skirts in all parts of the country. Most of these customized skirting solutions involve little more than tarps that attach to the side of your RV via drilled in snaps and hang to the ground. They are okay, but we think you can do better – with air. Our RV and fifth-wheel skirting is more than just an oversized tarp. It is a collection of inflatable tubes that do not require any external fasteners. You simply place each piece [...]

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AirSkirts – What They Are and How They Work

RV skirts have been used by RV owners for many years as a way to insulate and protect recreational vehicles. But the technology behind them has stagnated during this period. Fitting skirting can be a tiresome job that often requires holes to be drilled or tape to be attached. Storing is also tricky with large foam pieces taking up precious space within the RV. There are newer solutions that are attempting to address these limitations. One such product devised by Jim Phelan called AirSkirts [...]

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RV Lifestyle Takes on New Meaning Thanks to Coronavirus

The RV lifestyle has long been associated with leisure activities and enjoying the great outdoors. Such associations still hold true, but coronavirus has added a whole new meaning to things. With so many people having to quarantine and/or social distance, local governments and private sector organizations alike are putting motorhomes and trailers to work in the fight against the virus. Motorhomes and trailers are perfectly suited to the battle because they are essentially self-contained housing units. It may not be reasonable for organizations to set [...]

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