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RVing Blog – Covering RV manufacturers, Cold Weather Camping, RV Skirting and More, for RV newbies/beginners and seasoned campers alike.


Where Are RVs Manufactured?

Where Are RVs Manufactured? Looking at Elkhart and Beyond. Below we take a look at the places that have the most RV manufacturers (it's not all Elkhart!) as well as where popular manufacturers and brands like Forest River, Grand Design and more, make their RVs. Previously we listed RV manufacturers and broke them down by fifth wheels, travel trailers and motorhomes (Class A, Class B, and Class C). In doing so, we were able to collect a lot of information about the location of RV manufacturing operations and below we'll slice that data a few ways to get a better understanding of where RVs are made. The methodology used was simply to get the most in depth list [...]

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The Best Plants for Your RV and How to Care for Them

The Best Plants for Your RV and How to Care for Them Over the past few years, keeping houseplants has become extremely popular. You can find plant “influencers” all over Instagram, YouTube, and other social media. Some trendy but rare plant varieties can sell for hundreds of dollars. There’s a lot of good reasons to keep plants – they make your living space more attractive and inviting, improve your air quality, and may even help improve your focus. You may think that it’s impractical to keep plants in your RV, given the limited space and lighting, and the fact that you’re likely moving frequently but it’s very possible! All plants have just a few basic [...]

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Coolers for RVers

Coolers for RVers - AirSkirts Has The Answer A look at coolers designed for RV living and camping. With the rise of RV ownership, full-time RVing, all-season RVing, and van life, many new people are facing the unique problems that can come with the RV lifestyle. Of course these include things like how protect your RV in cold weather (see what is RV skirting and RV insulation), how to stay cool in summer, find a perfect winter camping destination, or sorting out the specifics of dry camping. Those are all important, but today we'll be focusing on another issue for RVers, selecting the right cooler, especially when space is tight, like it so often is [...]

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Interior RV Insulation Ideas for All Seasons

Interior RV Insulation Ideas for Winter (and Summer) “Chasing 70 degrees” is a phrase often heard in the RV community, meaning that people are on the move in search of perfect, warm, sunny weather; and this has traditionally been the way most people have used their RVs. However, year-round RVing has become increasingly popular over the last several years. People using their campers during the winter months include full-timers, skiers and hunters, travel nurses and other health care workers, park attendants, and all manner of self-employed and retirees. In addition to skirting, there are several ways to insulate your rig from the inside to help prevent heat loss and save on energy costs. We’ll go over some of [...]

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Camper Underpinning vs RV Skirting: Are They The Same Thing?

Camper Underpinning vs RV Skirting: Are They The Same Thing? We just took a look at the basics of RV skirting. In researching around the web, and looking at our own search data, it became clear that there is a little confusion on exactly what to call the solutions we use to protect our RV's undercarriage from the weather and wind. Is RV underpinning the same as RV skirting? For the most part, yes, in modern usage, RV underpinning (and camper underpinning) is used synonymously with RV skirting, as is RV wind skirting, because those using them have the same intent: to find a solution for protecting the underbelly of their RV and keep their pipes from freezing. Although [...]

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What It Is RV Skirting and Does Your Camper Need It

What It Is RV Skirting? Does Your Camper Need It? This post is focused on the basics of RV skirting. Although relevant to anyone with, or looking to get, a camper, I'll speak to newcomers to RVing and/or RV skirting to get you up to speed on what RV skirts are, who uses them, when are they used, and more, so you can determine if RV skirting is something you need for your camper. We'll look at different types of RV skirting and briefly discuss DIY skirting ideas for the handy ones out there that don't mind persevering through some frustration and breaking a little sweat. Contents: What is RV Skirting? Why Do [...]

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