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Year Round Campgrounds and RV Parks in New Jersey

Year Round Campgrounds and RV Parks in New Jersey New Jersey is a great state for year round camping. Whether your on your way South, at the start of a trip out West, or headed to New England to take in the foliage and history, there is a year round campground here for you.  Although it's not exhaustive, we have the most comprehensive list of campgrounds, RV parks, and state parks that you can enjoy all four seasons. Browse the map or read through the full list below. Name Location Acorn Green Creek, NJ Atlantic Shore Pines Campground Tuckerton, NJ Baker’s Acres Little Egg Harbor, NJ Bass River State [...]

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How to Measure RV Length

How to Measure RV Length In this post, we'll look at how to measure RV length by camper types: fifth wheels, travel trailers, and motorhomes (Class A, B, and C) from both a true length perspective and a manufacturer stated length perspective. If you are looking to buy an AirSkirts RV skirting kit, you can refer to our help section specific to measuring your RV for our kits, 'How do I find the length of my RV?'. AirSkirts kits are based on the manufacturer stated length of the RV. Though your skirted area will be shorter than the entire length of your RV, we use this number because this is the number customers commonly know [...]

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RV Wind Skirts vs RV Skirts

RV Wind Skirts vs RV Skirts A few months back we look at RV skirting vs camper underpinning, spoiler they are more or less synonymous these days. What about RV wind skirts? There are two components, RV wind skirting the product and RV Wind Skirts the company. We addressed the product side a bit in the aforementioned underpinning post Although the focus of this post is on underpinning vs skirting, I wanted to make a quick note about wind skirting. Similarly, RV wind skirting is used by most interchangeable. When digging for a nuanced difference between RV skirting and wind skirting, I’d say wind skirting is going to skew towards being a wind barrier [...]

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Magnetic RV Window Covers (Are They Worth It?)

Magnetic RV Window Covers (Are They Worth It?) Recently we've been doing a series of posts on RV windows (see: 'Standard RV Window Sizes' with a focus on window shades and covers (see: 'RV Window Shades vs RV Window Covers – Is Their A Difference?'). In this post we'll look at magnetic RV window covers, what they are, what benefits they provide, and how much they cost. Finally, we'll direct you towards some options if you are looking to buy. What Are Magnetic RV Window Covers? Magnetic RV window covers are a type of window cover designed for RVs that use magnets to hold the cover in place, rather than [...]

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RV Window Shades vs RV Window Covers – is There A Difference?

RV Window Shades vs RV Window Covers - Is Their A Difference? Earlier this month we looked at common RV window sizes, last week we looked at interior vs exterior window shades, now we are taking a look at the difference between RV window shades and RV window covers. This might be a little redundant with the last post (exterior being mostly covers, and interior being mostly shades), and I might combine them in the future, but for now I wanted to spell it out clearly, but I'll keep it brief. As for all the RV window related posts, this isn't even the last one, we have an unintentional series going on, expect one or [...]

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RV Window Shades: Interior vs Exterior for Your Camper

RV Window Shades: Interior vs Exterior for Your Camper Last week we looked into RV window sizes as there are dozens and dozens of different sizes and several different types. This was a preamble to this next series of posts where we will look at RV window shades. Types of Window Shades Roller Shades - common, easy-to-use and familiar, these roll down by pulling and snap back up with a single pull Pleated Shades - the fold up and down with an accordion like appearance to them, some like the aesthetics Cellular Shades - aka honeycomb shades can help with insulation by trapping warm air inside during cold weather Day-Night [...]

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