Coolers for RVers – AirSkirts Has The Answer

A look at coolers designed for RV living and camping.

With the rise of RV ownership, full-time RVing, all-season RVing, and van life, many new people are facing the unique problems that can come with the RV lifestyle. Of course these include things like how protect your RV in cold weather (see what is RV skirting and RV insulation), how to stay cool in summer, find a perfect winter camping destination, or sorting out the specifics of dry camping.

Those are all important, but today we’ll be focusing on another issue for RVers, selecting the right cooler, especially when space is tight, like it so often is in RVs.

Here at AirSkirts we’ve launched a modern new concept, the AirSkirts Inflatable Cooler, a rugged, space saving cooler that was designed with RVing top-of-mind.

For those light on space, which is most of us with an RV, this is the cooler you’ve been waiting for, but before we get into more details, I do want to briefly discuss the benefits to adding a cooler to your camper, as well a quick primer on cooler types.

Deflating AirSkirts Cooler

Why You Should Add A Cooler To Your RV’s Arsenal

There are a lot of reasons, some obvious, and some less obvious ones like those Jeremy from Roadtrippers describes in his post ‘The 7 best coolers for camping and roadtripping’. I’ll summarize those and more below.

  • Camping
  • Hanging out on the campground
  • Picnics
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Tailgating
  • Beach trips
  • Day trips
  • Hiking
  • Additional cold storage
  • To help keep a clean RV so you and your kids don’t have to go in-and-out everytime you want a cold drink
A good cooler has always been an essential piece of camping gear. Even if your RV has a refrigerator, it is always nice to have a cooler at the campsite.
Kraig Becker, RV Magazine

Types of RV Coolers

There are a lot of coolers out there focused on campers, a bit less on RVers, but here we are going to look at the criteria for both. Typically coolers are going to be looked at with the following criteria: insulating ability, size, weight, portability, style, and things like shelves, cupholders, handles and straps. No one cooler is going to fit all criteria, so depending on the specifics of your RV/camping lifestyle, one style might be better for you than another. With that said, at AirSkirts, we are really happy to be offering a rugged, but light-weight cooler, that deflates and takes up less space than other coolers.

AirSkirts cooler in front of rv camper

AirSkirts Cooler for RV Camping

Because our cooler packs down into a smaller carry bag it’s easy to fit into spaces a normal cooler won’t, such as RV closets or storage compartments, closets, trunks, and more.

The uninflated cooler takes up about half the space of the 54-quart Coleman I’ve had for years. That space is also what I like to call “squishy space”, in that it can be wiggled or squished into random storage areas, whereas a hard shell fixed cooler is going to take up the rectangular space it takes up, period.

Patrick Buchanan, Camper Report