Our Space Saving Cooler is Great for RVers and More

Product: Inflatable AirSkirts Cooler
Description: Coolers take up too much space. AirSkirts Cooler is here to change that.

We recently launched the AirSkirts Cooler, a rugged, inflatable/deflectable (collapsible)/foldable cooler built for people with limited storage. Below we look at the sizing specs inflated and deflated, component sizes, and all-in storage size with the cooler and all components in the carry bag. Lastly we’ll end with some storage tips where you’ll find our own article on storage ideas as well as some general advice from around the web on rv storage.

AirSkirts Cooler – Dimensional Specs


Volume: 58 quarts
Exterior: 28″x16.75″x16.75″
Interior: 24″x11.5″x12.5″
Stored in Carry Bag: 27.5″x14.5″,6.5″
Deflated Cooler Only: 24″X14″x5″
Weight (Complete): 13.7 lbs
Weight (Cooler Only): 9.8 lbs


Cooler: Drop-stitch (double-walled) PVC, glued and heat welded HC inflate and deflate valve
Liner: Polyether TPU – food safe
Storage Bag: 1680D oxford fabric
Hand Pump: ABS plastic
Other Materials: Plastic handles, Velcro lid closure

AirSkirts Cooler Storage Location Ideas

The cooler stored in its bag is 14.5”x27.5”x6.5” with the deflated cooler only coming in at 24”x14”x5”, so there are plenty of storage options for you while not disrupting the order and organization of your rig. For particularly small or challenging spaces, the pump can be removed and stored separately, further optimizing the size when in storage. Although it might seem obvious to most, we have a lot of new RVers in the AirSkirts community so we wanted to cover the standard storage spots before listing some more unique ideas to store your cooler, or anything else in your camping arsenal.

Standard Storage Spots

  • RV closets
  • RV storage compartments
  • Class C cab over

Other Storage Spots

  • Under the bed
  • Wardrobe
  • On any hangers or hooks (the cooler itself has handles, and the carry bag has both handles and d-rings on both ends, which really opens up the storage options for this cooler in your camper, car, tiny home, etc.!)
  • Behind previously closed in void space (watch some hacks on YouTube here)

Closing Thoughts

Now that we’ve sized up the cooler and seen how easily it fits into an existing RV setup, we are going to look next week into some fun ideas for RV camping with your new AirSkirts Cooler, and the week after that we’ll take a look at some more general RV organization and storage tips along with other products that can help you save space when RV camping or as a full-time RVer.