6 Hacks for Maximizing Precious Space in Your RV

If you are new to the whole RV thing, you might still be learning just how precious the space inside your rig is. With only a few hundred square feet to work with, you cannot afford to spread out like you do at home. But no worries. Generations of previous RV owners have paved the way for you. They have come up with some ingenious hacks for maximizing precious RV space.

We have compiled a list of our favorite space-saving hacks below. If you can think of others that are not on this list, by all means go for it. Anything you can do to make more efficient use of your space should make your camping experiences more enjoyable.

1. Choose AirSkirts RV Skirting

Call us shameless, but we’re going to start with our own product. We have seen competing products that are bulky and cumbersome. Some take up quite a bit of space in the underneath storage compartment of a motorhome or fifth wheel. AirSkirts RV skirting is different. Because it is inflatable, it reduces down to almost nothing when you deflate the pieces. Everything fits nicely into a compact storage bag that takes up very little room in your underside compartment.

2. Utilize Collapsible Closet Organizers

Collapsible closet organizers are nifty little items made with fabric and Velcro. They typically have a Velcro strap that allows you to hang them from a garment pole. They are ideal for bedroom closets, kitchen closets, and the bathroom. And because they are collapsible, you can easily take them down and store them away when they aren’t needed.

3. Utilize Over-the-Door Organizers

A similar item is the over-the-door organizer. This is generally made of fabric and plastic, but there are wooden and metal products out there. Either way, this organizer hangs over the top of the door. It is a fantastic option for towels, light clothing, shoes, and a host of other objects.

4. Hang Some Peg Board

Peg board can be a fantastic space saver in the kitchen and bathroom. Four screws will hold the board firmly in place. Then you can install removable hooks on which you can hang everything from kitchen utensils to towels. The beauty of the peg board is that the hooks are not permanent. You can move them around at will.

5. Install Mountable Shelf Baskets

Anywhere you find cabinetry mounted high on a wall you can install mountable shelf baskets. They install underneath, giving you extra storage space for dishes, books and magazines, paper products, or whatever. The great thing about shelf baskets is they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some even have extra features, like paper towel holders.

6. Vacuum-Sealed Bags

If you are willing to invest a little bit in a vacuum seal system, vacuum-sealed bags are a fantastic way to store seasonal clothing and save space at the same time. Vacuum sealing removes all the air in a bag, reducing a bulky bag of clothing to a small, tiny package.

Vacuum-sealing can also do wonders for your freezer and fridge. It will keep frozen food fresh longer and help you make better use of your small RV unit.

One thing seasoned RV owners know for sure is that saving space goes a long way toward improving comfort and convenience. Hopefully, the six hacks we described in this post illustrate that point clearly enough. Finding ways to save space in your RV will get easier with every camping trip you take. You will eventually be a space-saving expert capable of writing your own how-to posts.