Best Products and Accessories for RVing with Dogs

To celebrate the launch of our new Pet Patio, we’re going to discuss one of everyone’s favorite topics – dogs. Specifically, products that come in handy when travelling with your best friends.

Safety First!

What Products Help to Keep Your Dog Safe In, and Around Your Camper

Dog seat belts, crates, and collars are three great products to aid with safety when RVing with a dog.

Of course your first concern is travelling safely, and that means keeping your furry friends safely contained while moving, whether in the backseat of your tow vehicle or in your motorcoach.

There are a number of seat belts available and choosing one can be quite confusing. Find one that fits your dog securely but comfortably and have them practice wearing it outside the car a little bit so they can get used to it before taking off on a grand trip.

If your pup will be riding in the back of your truck, SUV, or inside your coach, consider a crate. You may also want one of these in a trailer for securing them overnight or when you’re away for a day trip. There’s tons of options out there, from soft-sided and wire ones that fold-down, to solid plastic. Think about if your dog is a chewer or escape artist and choose the crate that best fits their personality and your space. And don’t think of crate training as “locking up” your friend, it’s more like providing them their own room, a safe space of their own where they’ll stay out of trouble. Just always be sure to remove their collar when crating, as it can be a choking hazard!

Speaking of collars, I really like these because not only do they come in a ton of colors and designs with matching leashes and harnesses (they have holiday designs and an Eco collar that’s made from recycled bottles), but they have a lifetime guarantee and will replace items that are accidentally damaged – including if your pet chews them!

I strongly suggest not using a retractable leash for several reasons: they’re typically quite long so offer little control, if an unfriendly dog or other animal approaches quickly, you may not be able to get your dog back to you quickly; if the cord or tape from the leash wraps around your hand or leg (or your dog’s leg) and they start running, you (or they) can get seriously injured; and because of their length they actually encourage dogs to pull away while on walks rather than walking with you.

What Products Help Keep My Dog and I Comfortable When RVing

A dog cooling bandana, cooling vests, cooling mats, collapsible bowls, doggy backpack, and pet patio/dog fence are great products to have to make RVing with your dog or dogs more comfortable for both the animals and humans involved.

Most people take their RVs out in the summertime and it’s important to keep cool when it’s hot. Dogs don’t sweat like we do, they cool off primarily by panting, though they do have sweat glands in their paws.

In addition to giving them a shady spot to relax in, a cooling bandana is a neat (and stylish!) way to help them out. You just wet it down and it cools as the water evaporates. They also make vests and mats out of the same material.

Keeping hydrated is just as important for your buddy as it is for us! I like this collapsible bowl a lot. It comes in a set of 2, is very well priced, and has carabiners so you can clip them on onto your belt or backpack if you go for a long walk or hike. The fact that it folds down nice and small makes it perfect for your RV.

Don’t forget the poop bags either! You definitely want to buy these in bulk, either online on at a local pet supply store.

And if you get a backpack for your dog, they can help carry some of the gear!

Look for more of our thoughts on keeping your pets safe on the article on about RV security.
two dogs contained by pet patio fence
Just like our skirts, this enclosure is built to last for years and years. And because of the solid sides, your dog will have some privacy from passers-by, keeping them from barking at other dogs (or vice versa). And, yes, there is drainage at the base of the fence so you can simply hose it down for easy cleaning. It’s can handle the weight of your dogs jumping on it and even sharp nails won’t puncture it.