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The Inflatable Pet Patio

The AirSkirts Pet Patio Lets Your Dogs Come and Go


Dogs need to stretch their legs? Our inflatable Pet Patio sets up next to your camper, creating a roomy area for your dogs to play outside your door. The only pet fence designed for RVers.

Watch the video. Pet Patio explained in 90 seconds.

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Keep Your Door Open and Let Your Dogs Out

  • The Pet Patio abuts your RV
  • Pets can’t get under your RV – AirSkirts tubes under your RV prevent dogs from climbing underneath.
  • Held in place with stakes or waterbags
  • Designed to handle outward pressure from dogs leaning or jumping
  • Opaque sides prevent small dogs from seeing outside and barking at neighbors

Pre-Order for Early Adopter Savings

This product is in pre-production and is available to you at a significant discount when you pre-order. Order now and be among the very first to own an AirSkirts Pet Patio. Expected shipping within 90 days.

RV Pet Fence Pet Patio

Made to Contain Your Energetic Dogs

Our patent-pending Pet Patio is designed specifically to contain your energetic small and medium sized dogs. Made from heavy duty PVC, even the pointiest pet nails won’t puncture the patio. The patio is designed to withstand pressure from the inside out, allowing your pets to jump and rest their full weight on it.

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Pre-Order the Pet Patio Now

Let the Dogs Out, Keep Your Door Open

Our Pet Patio abuts your RV and creates a large outdoor area for your dogs. Your RV door opens directly into the patio area, so you can easily let your dogs outside or keep the door open.


Rugged Design Works for Energetic Small and Medium Sized Dogs

Made from heavy duty PVC, even the pointiest pet nails won’t puncture the patio. Withstands pressure from the inside out, allowing your pets to jump and rest their full weight on it.


Dogs Can’t Crawl Under Your RV

Inflatable tubes go under your RV and stay in place with air pressure, preventing pups from getting under your RV. Both a 6′ and a 4′ tube are included for various configurations.


Amply Sized

The Pet Patio is 10 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and stands 3 feet tall. An entire setup weighs under 50 pounds, making bulky metal fences a thing of the past.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What size dogs will the Pet Patio accommodate?2022-06-01T12:49:04-04:00

We recommend the Pet Patio for small to medium sized dogs. Typically this means dogs up to about 50 pounds. If you have a large, lazy dog the Patio may work for them.

My dog is a real jumper, will the Pet Patio contain them?2022-06-01T13:02:10-04:00

The Patio stands three feet high, so if you’ve got a leaper, the Patio may not be the right choice.

Will my dog’s nails poke a hole in the tubes?2022-06-01T12:52:24-04:00

The Pet Patio is made of the same rugged material as the AirSkirts tubes and can stand up to even the pointiest of nails.

Can my dog chew through the material?2022-06-01T12:52:50-04:00

Because of the large diameter of the tubes and the outside placement of the wall material, your dog would be very hard pressed to get their mouth on enough material to start chewing.

How do I clean the Pet Patio?2022-06-01T12:53:15-04:00

There are drainage spots between the base of the wall material and the bottom tubes to allow for liquid to flow out. You can give the Patio a light spray with a hose and for deeper cleanings, use a mild soap such as Dawn dish soap followed by a good rinse.

How heavy is it?2022-06-01T12:54:07-04:00

The total weight of the Patio is under 50 pounds but is in two manageable pieces. Two AirSkirts tubes are also included to place under your RV and their weight varies according to the ground clearance of your RV.

What if I already have AirSkirts?2022-06-01T12:54:56-04:00

The patio comes with two AirSkirts tubes to place under your RV but if you already have AirSkirts and don’t need the tubes, please contact us to discuss.

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