What RV Skirting and Wi-Fi Access Have in Common

Discussions about buying an RV often focus on styles, sizes, floor plans and features. It is not until after a purchase is made that most owners start thinking about other things. Take RV skirting and wi-fi access products. These tend to be afterthoughts. It turns out they have quite a bit in common.

Weekend warriors might think nothing of RV skirting and wi-fi access. After all, they only camp in good weather and they are happy to use their phones to get online. But if you are a snowbird or a full timer, things are different. Both items are things you have to think about from the get-go.

To illustrate the point, here are several things that RV skirting and wi-fi access have in common:

They Are Essential to Full Timers

Full timers who expect to live comfortably while still needing to stay connected with the rest of the world have to invest in both RV skirting and wi-fi access. In terms of the former, RV skirting is the most effective way to protect RV plumbing against freezing temperatures. That is non-negotiable for a full timer. If you spend your whole life in an RV, you cannot afford burst plumbing.

As far as wi-fi access is concerned, it is a necessity for staying connected with friends and family members. Full timers need access whether they are in a public campground, a national park, or boondocking at a friend’s house. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options.

RV Owners Have Several Choices

Speaking of options, RV owners have several of them for RV skirting and wi-fi access. AirSkirts’ inflatable RV skirting is a revolutionary product that we feel does the best job protecting RV plumbing. Other skirting products rely on tarp material or hard sided panels that attach to the RV with fasteners.

For wi-fi access, RV owners can try to utilize public campground wi-fi. They can also invest in their own wi-fi hotspots or tether to their phones. If all else fails, satellite and cellular internet are additional options.

Not All Solutions Are Equal

Yet another thing that RV skirting and wi-fi access have in common is that not all solutions are equal. Some solutions work better than others, a point that is clearly demonstrated by public wi-fi access. If you have ever tried to access campground wi-fi on a crowded weekend, you know it can be nearly impossible. Traffic is just too heavy. Perhaps that’s why so many people invest in hotspots.

Where RV skirting is concerned, one of the reasons we developed AirSkirts is because we weren’t happy with the other products we tried. Tarp material and hard sided panels are better than nothing, but we believe that inflatable RV skirting is the best solution. It is effective, easy to use, and very convenient in terms of storage. It is also the fastest skirting solution to install, bar none.

You Don’t Always Know What You’re Getting

Finally, both RV skirting and wi-fi access products can be sketchy. You don’t always know what you’re getting if you choose a generic product from a manufacturer you never heard of before. In both cases, we feel you definitely get what you pay for.

RV skirting and wi-fi access are essential to seasonal RV owners and full timers. They are not bad products for weekend warriors, either. If you plan to invest in either one, do your due diligence. Research your options and then pick the one you feel will do the best job. If that means you spend a little more, you will probably find doing so is worth it.