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AirSkirts Promo Codes

There are a bunch of AirSkirts promo codes on various sites across the internet and it can be frustrating finding a code that is current and works. We’ll list our promotions and promo codes here so you can easily find the best deal on our RV skirts.

Active promo codes will be listed in the green banner below but we are currently running a 25% sale on renewed kits:

Valid May, June, and July 2022
Order in May, save 20%
Order in June, save 18%
Order in July, save 16%
Offer expires 7/31/22, cannot be combined with other offers

Use Promo Code
Get our absolute best prices by ordering ahead.
Orders will be delivered to your door by October 15.
Need it now? We’re shipping right away, just omit the promo code.

The Best Way to Skirt Your RV

AirSkirts’ design is deceptively straightforward: AirSkirts tubes are laid out around the perimeter of the RV, inflated, and then held in place by air pressure with no drilling or adhesives required.

Super-Fast, Portable Setup

No permanent installation or RV modification required – shave your installation time from hours and hours to under 20 minutes – or get rid of those messy sheets of Styrofoam.

Extremely Durable, Military Grade

Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin and military grade valves will insulate and protect your RV for years and years. Our seams are heat welded and resistant to tears and extreme weather.

More Affordable and No Drilling Holes in Your RV

Custom skirts can cost up to $5,000 and need to permanently modify your RV. AirSkirts requires no installation! If you’re used to using hay or Styrofoam, say goodbye to the labor, hassle, and waste.

For Any Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Coach

AirSkirts modular design allows it to work with any RV. No need for custom made skirts or labor intensive, home-grown solutions. Better still, if you upgrade your RV you can keep your existing AirSkirts

Pays for Itself in Winter and Summer

AirSkirts uses trapped air as an insulator, resulting in a dramatic increase in heat retention compared to traditional skirts. Also, use AirSkirts during warmer weather and save on cooling costs!

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