You never quite realize how nice it is to have a full-size kitchen until you try cooking in an RV. Needless to say, RV cooking takes some getting used to. But guess what? With a few inexpensive accessories, you can really transform the RV kitchen experience. The right accessories can be as transformational to the kitchen as our RV skirting is to your rig’s plumbing.

We put together a collection of kitchen accessories we think every RV owner would love. Maybe you already have some of them. Perhaps you have tried them and don’t like them. It’s all good. One of the best things about the RVing lifestyle is that each RV owner can make it what they want it to be.

Sink and Stove Covers

If we could point to one accessory that seems the most obvious, it would be sink and stove covers. RVs are not known for offering a whole lot of counter space. When it comes time to cook, that means less space for prep. A good way to give yourself more space is to utilize sink and stove covers. Just lay them down and you instantly have food prep space.

Both types of covers are cheap enough at your local RV store. If you don’t want to buy them, you can make your own. It is a pretty basic DIY project.

Collapsible Water Tub

What do you do about gray water if you’re boondocking and worried about filling up your tanks too quickly? A collapsible water tub is the perfect accessory for washing the kitchen dishes outdoors. Note that there is a good reason for going collapsible: the tub takes up less space when you store it away.

Splatter Guards

Cooking with grease can be a real problem whether you are in an RV or a stick house. Cooking things like bacon and sausage can create a real mess. It is not the kind of mess you want to deal with in your motorhome or fifth wheel. So what’s the solution? Splatter guards.

A 3-sided splatter guard sets up around your cooktop to keep the grease away from your kitchen walls. You will have less to clean up after that delicious breakfast. That means less risk of missing a spot or two of grease, spots that could otherwise attract critters.

Magnetic Fridge Shelves

You can deal with your somewhat limited storage space by getting your hands on some magnetic fridge shelves. Just make sure you get the ones with the neodymium magnets. The super strong magnets will keep your shelves securely in place even when you are traveling.

Magnetic fridge shelves are ideal for light items like spices, paper goods, plastic cups, and so on. Every shelf stuck to the fridge offers a bit more storage space that is always at a premium in a RV.

Microfiber Dish Mats

Drying the dishes after every meal can be a hassle. But you can’t just leave them in the sink, right? If you invest in some microfiber dish mats, your problem is solved. They come in all shapes and sizes at your local department store. They take the place of drying racks and, because they are flat, they take up a lot less space when stored away.

Cooking in an RV kitchen takes some getting used to. But like learning how to use our inflatable RV skirting, practice makes perfect. Accessories designed to make your life easier make all that practice even more beneficial. We hope you are able to find all of the accessories you need to make cooking in your RV a pleasant experience.