Top 5 Things to Look for In Your New RV Skirting

We assume you are visiting our site because you’re looking for RV skirting. At the risk of sounding patronizing, that’s a good move. RV skirting protects your investment by preventing frozen pipes and the inevitable damage that comes with them. The big question now is what constitutes a good RV skirting product.

We obviously think AirSkirts are your best option. However, we are biased. So don’t just take our word for it. Instead, check out these top five things to look for in RV skirting. If you agree that AirSkirts offer all of them, your choice should be easier.

1. Heavy-Duty Construction

RV skirting has to withstand considerable punishment if it’s going to last season after season. So look for heavy-duty construction. Forget saving a few dollars on less expensive products not built to last. If you go that route, you might actually spend more by having to replace your skirting every couple of years.

AirSkirts offers military-grade construction. Simply put, our inflatable skirts are as tough as they come. They will take all of the punishment mother nature can dish out, and then some.

2. Superior Insulating Capabilities

Preventing cold air from blowing under your RV goes a long way toward preventing frozen pipes. But what if you could do better by insulating as well? You can. Insulating takes advantage of warm air that radiates from underneath your RV. You get the dual effect of keeping warm air in and cold air out.

Once again, AirSkirts delivers. Our RV skirting offers superior insulation with a cushion of air up to thirty-four inches wide. That air acts as an insulator on both sides of the skirting, offering even more protection against frozen pipes.

3. Easy Installation

It’s harder to motivate yourself to install RV skirting when doing so is a hassle. After all, who wants to spend an hour or more on skirting when there’s so much to enjoy at the campsite? Our product can usually be deployed in under 20 minutes. You just place each skirt, hook up the pump, and inflate. Nothing could be easier.

4. Modification-Free

Competing RV skirting products force you to modify your RV. You may have to drill holes or attach snaps with adhesive. Either way, making modifications only serves to reduce the value of your rig. Wouldn’t it be better to purchase an RV skirting product that requires no modifications? Absolutely. That’s exactly what you get with AirSkirts.

Since we feature a modular design based on inflatable technology, you don’t have to do anything to your motorhome or trailer to use our skirting. Each piece is independent and fully adjustable. There are no holes to drill, no screws to attach, and no snaps to worry about.

5. Practical Design

Last but not least, we believe RV skirting should be practical. Unfortunately, it often seems like people who design accessories for RVs and motorhomes don’t actually enjoy the RV lifestyle. They work only from specs and drawings, not from personal experience.

Our products are designed by RV owners. We know the intimate details of setting up and tearing down. We know what it’s like to sleep in an RV in cold weather. Our insider knowledge gives us the ability to put practicality at the forefront of our designs.

You have plenty of RV skirting products to choose from. Now that we’ve explained the top five things to look for, we hope AirSkirts will be at the top of your list. Our innovative products set the bar for RV skirting, both now and in the future.