RVing 2021: Don’t Leave Home Without These 6 Things

Labor Day has finally come and gone. We all know what that means: it’s time to take the RV on the road. It is time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors by visiting national parks, private campgrounds, and anyplace else that tickles your fancy. We own RVs ourselves, so we know what it’s all about.

We wanted to take the occasion of this blog post to help you prepare for your summer travels. We dug around, took inventory of our own rigs, and came up with a list of things we would consider must-haves. As you make your travel plans, be sure you are well-equipped. Don’t leave home without the following six things:

1. Good RV Skirting

How could we not start with RV skirting? Despite what you might think, skirting isn’t just a winter accessory. Sure, it helps prevent frozen pipes by insulating against cold air, but RV skirting is also great for summer travel.

You are going to turn on the AC on those hot, summer days. Whenever you do, remember this interesting tidbit: cold air falls while hot air rises. Expect some of the cool air generated by your AC to escape through the floor. RV skirting provides an insulating barrier that makes for more efficient cooling.

2. An Extra Tank of Gas

Few things are as frustrating as running out of gas while you’re camping. If you are in the middle of nowhere, you’re flat out of luck. If you are at a national park or public campground, you’ll pay an arm and a leg for gas. Taking an extra can from home means spending less.

3. Mosquito Netting

Warm summer nights under the awning are fantastic. They are also an open invitation to mosquitoes. We recommend mosquito netting that runs from the top of the awning all the way to the ground. Better yet, purchase a full awning enclosure with retractable flaps. You can put the flaps down during rainy weather and still enjoy sitting under the awning.

4. A Collection of Spare Parts

Experienced RV owners know that things break at the most inconvenient times. And like gas, purchasing spare parts at the RV Center next door to the campground means spending more than you have to. Save by assembling a good selection of spare parts that you can take with you whenever you hit the road. We are thinking light bulbs, hoses, fuses, and things like that.

5. Extra Memory Cards

If you are like us, your summer travels are remembered in pictures and videos. But here’s the thing: why fill up your cloud storage by constantly transferring photos and videos. You’ll end up buying more space. Take our word for it, memory cards are a better deal. You can buy them for next to nothing and store your pictures and videos at home – where they stay safe with you.

6. Your Sense of Adventure

Your sense of adventure is the last item on the list. No, it’s not tangible like spare cans of gas or RV skirting, but it’s important, nonetheless. The whole point of camping is to get out there and explore a world you can’t experience at home. Your sense of adventure will carry you from one destination to the next with ease. And you will not even need social media or video games.

Though summer doesn’t actually start until late June, Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of the summer travel season. By now you’re probably making plans to take your motorhome or RV on the road. Enjoy yourself. And don’t forget AirSkirts RV skirting.