RV or Campground Shower: Which Do You Prefer?

Next time you are sitting around a campfire and the conversation starts to run dry, here’s a fun topic to discuss: RV or campground shower? Pose that question and you had better get ready to rumble. Discussions about showering on the road can get a little boisterous.

Whether you are a full-timer or weekend warrior, you still have to shower. The biggest question is how you’re going to do it. Motorhomes, fifth wheels, and larger travel trailers have built-in showers. Most of your modern campgrounds with basic amenities have public showers as well. Do you prefer one over the other?

RV Showering Is Different

No doubt that RV showering is different. It takes some getting used to. Right off the bat, RV showers are tiny little spaces more suitable for characters from The Hobbit. But you can make it work with little practice. A bigger concern is the hot water – or the lack thereof.

RV hot water tanks are not known for their voluminous nature. They are pretty small by stick house standards. So guess what? You might get five minutes of hot water if you’re lucky. Plan on closer to two or three.

Veterans know enough to soak themselves down, turn off the water, and then apply the shampoo and soap. Only then do they turn the water back on to rinse off. It is not necessarily the most comfortable or luxurious shower experience in the world, but it serves its purpose.

Public Campground Showers

Can’t get used to the tight spaces and limited hot water of RV showering? Great. Be sure to visit campgrounds that have public showers. Some offer them as a free amenity, others charge for their showers. Either way, you will get more space and more hot water.

On the downside, using public Campground showers means having to groom yourself in the company of strangers. Sure, the individual stalls are private. But you’ll probably be standing in front of a community mirror and sink to comb your hair, shave, and brush your teeth. That makes some people uncomfortable.

You might also not be in love with the idea of walking clear across the campground with wet hair, especially on cold mornings. Dry yourself off really well and take a hat. You’ll be fine.

Whatever Makes You Happy

By now, you might wonder what any of this has to do with RV skirting. It is all about doing whatever makes you happy. Some RV owners just cannot stand using public campground showers. They are willing to put up with a smaller RV shower and limited hot water. The opposite is also true.

We recently ran across a blog post from full-time RVer and professional blogger Alyssa Padgett. In that post, she recounted how her first RV showering experience was her last. She cannot stand RV showers. She uses public campground showers whenever possible. That’s fine. It makes her happy.

When it comes to RV skirting, we are fully aware that AirSkirts isn’t your only option. We think it’s your best option because it’s so easy to use and so effective at protecting against frozen pipes. A lot of our customers are extremely happy with the fact that all they have to do is inflate AirSkirts in place.

If you are happier working with snaps, rivets, or nuts and bolts, more power to you. If you are happier spending more than an hour installing your skirts, we are okay with that. Whatever works for you is awesome. For us though, AirSkirts are the epitome of RV skirting happiness. They are better than the best RV and public showers.