Have you ever heard someone refer to something as ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread’? It is a pretty common idiom. When it comes to motorhome and trailer camping, you could argue that pull-through campsites qualify. So what do you think? Are they the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Pull-through campsites get their name from the way you approach them. Instead of pulling up at the front of the site and backing your motorhome or trailer in, you pull up from the back of the site and right onto the property. There is no backing involved. How cool is that after a long day of driving?

It is almost as cool as installing RV skirting with an air pump. By the way, that’s how you install AirSkirts. Just place each piece in the right position, connect the included pump, and inflate. It doesn’t take very long at all.

The Sliced Bread Idiom

Getting back to the greatest thing since sliced bread, the idiom itself has been around since the 1950s. No one is quite sure where it came from, though people in the entertainment industry attribute it to a comedian by the name of Red Skelton. Skelton apparently used the line in a 1952 interview in which he was downplaying concerns that television would ruin live entertainment.

If Skelton being the first one to use the phrase publicly is a correct assumption, it would make sense. He was born in 1913, just 15 years before the invention of the at-home bread slicing machine. He would have remembered the days when getting a piece of bread meant ripping a chunk off a loaf.

It is the Best

Old school comedians and bread loaves aside, we talk about things being the greatest since sliced bread to illustrate that they are the best – which takes us back to pull-through campsites. They are the best when you do not want the hassle of backing in your trailer or motorhome. They are the best when you just want to pull forward and be done with it.

Backing in might not necessarily be a big deal, but it’s certainly not as easy as pulling straight through. And if you arrive late in the day, only to find that the sites neighboring yours are already occupied, backing in might prove to be a difficult proposition – especially if your neighbors have spread out a little bit too far.

A Downside to Everything

There is one downside to pull-through campsites: if you use them exclusively, you never do get the opportunity to perfect your backing skills. Why should that bother you? Because it is a matter of pride to be able to tell your no-camping friends that you can back in and get it right on the first try.

On the other hand, modern trucks with automatic backup assist are ruining what little joy is left in learning to back a trailer into a narrow campsite. Where is the fun in turning a button and letting your truck do all the hard work for you?

Speaking of hard work, you’ll find that it’s not something associated with AirSkirts. Our RV skirting it so easy to deploy that you might not even consider it work at all. That is by design. We purposely wanted our skirting to be easy to use so that you never have a reason to not install it.

We think AirSkirts are the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, we are willing to concede that pull-through campsites are pretty awesome in their own right. Put the two together and you have a winning combination.