There is one particular day that seems universally disliked by RV owners. That day is the last day of any camping trip. It is the day you have to get up in the morning and start packing things up. It’s time to go home, back to the rat race and the cares of life in suburban or urban society.

The last day of camping doesn’t have to be so much of a downer. Yes, you still have to deflate your AirSkirts RV skirting and pack it away. You still have to roll away the awning, strap the bikes to the front of the truck, and secure everything inside for travel. But even on that last day, there are things you can look forward to.

Check Out as Late as Possible

There are lots of ways to make the most of that last day of camping. With an open mind and an unwillingness to let it go so soon, there are memories to be made. Start by making the decision to check out as late as possible. There is no need to be on the road before the crack of dawn. Home will be waiting whether you get there three hours earlier or not.

By checking out late, you will still have time to enjoy a delicious and leisurely breakfast. Make that final day’s breakfast something special. Instead of grabbing toaster pastries and a cup of instant coffee, make French toast or pancakes. Make both for that matter.

Make a Game of Packing Up

Packing up can seem like a terrible chore when coupled with the knowledge that it’s time to go home. It doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever considered making a game out of it? Turn packing into a friendly competition with a nice prize waiting for the ultimate victor.

You could assign each member of the family different tasks. While you handle the RV skirting, your spouse can pack up the kitchen. You can have the kids gathering all the toys and equipment scattered across the campsite. You can race to see who can strip the beds faster, who can get the trash to the campground dumpster the quickest, and so on. You are only limited by your imagination.

Go for One Last Dip in the Pool

Most campgrounds still allow you to use the amenities on your final day. So when possible, a good way to make the most of your last day is to take one final dip in the pool. You can create an extra incentive by requiring that all your packing be done before the kids go swimming.

Maybe you finish packing up by ten but check out isn’t until eleven. Now you have an entire hour to relax by the pool while the kids swim. When it finally comes time to be on your way, a quick change into dry clothes and you are ready to start the drive back to civilization.

Stop for Ice Cream

One last thing you can do to make the day special is to stop for ice cream on the way home. This is a regular tradition for a lot of camping families. They abstain from ice cream the whole week so that it’s all the more special when they stop for a cone or a sundae.

The last day of camping can be a bummer. However, we hope this post has helped you understand that it doesn’t have to be. You can make the most out of the last day by doing things to make the day special.