You and your family are looking at your very first RV purchase. You settled on a fifth wheel and pick-up truck combination. Based on what you’ve seen others do, you are also thinking you might need some extra accessories that don’t come with the rig. But wait. You could spend a ton of money on those extras. What do you need to get started?

Your choice of accessories is really based on how you plan to use your RV, where you plan to travel, and whether your travel will be seasonal. But if we had to suggest five must-have accessories for every family RV, we would choose the following:

1. Trailer Skirting

Do not be surprised that travel trailer skirting is tops on our list. After all, it’s what we do. We recommend it because it makes any RV more energy efficient and comfortable. And by the way, we think our air skirting does the best job of all.

A good skirting solution insulates the underside of your trailer. During the summer months, this means spending less money on air-conditioning. It means keeping your RV warmer during the colder months, and, most importantly, preventing damage from freezing pipes. An added bonus is keeping critters from crawling around underneath your RV.

2. Screened Awning

We suspect your fifth wheel has an awning. Most rigs that size do. But why not take your awning to the next level by enclosing it with a screen. It is the perfect way to extend your outdoor space but keep the bugs at bay. A screened awning gives you a place for insect-free dining. You can set out your lawn chairs and watch the night stars without the mosquitoes feasting on you.

3. A Folding Table

In reference to outdoor dining, you will really want a folding table – whether you purchase that awning screen or not. A folding picnic table easily stores away for travel without taking up much space. And once you reach a campsite, it sets it up in mere minutes. A folding table is perfect for dining, playing cards, working on crafts, etc.

4. Extra Propane Tanks

RVing with your family is a lot different than going solo or as a couple. For starters, more family members mean consuming more resources. A lot of families find that out when they run out of propane for the first time. Therefore, we recommend an extra propane tank or two. In fact, extra propane tanks are just as important as RV skirting.

You just never know when you are going to be stopping somewhere without easy access to propane. The last thing you want to do is run out of gas when you need it most. By always keeping an extra tank or two in your tow vehicle, the chances of you running out are slim.

5. An Outdoor Grill

Finally, we recommend you add an outdoor grill to your list of extras. The whole point of RVing is to get out and enjoy nature. So that being the case, why confine your cooking to a small galley kitchen?

An outdoor grill lets you combine two of your favorite passions: grilling and the great outdoors. How can you beat that? The only thing better than grilling is cooking over a fire, but that’s not always possible when you’re camping.

Congratulations on purchasing your first family RV. You are in for some wonderful times. Just don’t forget to take care of your rig. It will take care of you, too. And as for these five must-have accessories, give them some serious consideration. Let us know if you decide that RV skirting is something you want.

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