Both our company name and the name of our product is a dead giveaway that our skirting is designed around air. What you might not know is why we settled on our revolutionary design. Well, we are going to tell you in this blog post. Needless to say, our patent-pending design is no accident. We put a lot of time and thought into it.

Just so you know exactly what we are talking about, AirSkirts RV skirting is an inflatable skirting product that works equally well on all types of RVs and trailers. You just unpack the kit, place each skirt in the right position, and inflate it with the included pump. That’s about it. You end up with a highly effective and aesthetically attractive skirting solution that protects your plumbing against airflow and cold temperatures.

Air Is a Natural Insulator

There were many reasons our design team settled on the inflatable concept for AirSkirts. First among them is the fact that air is a natural insulator. It does not facilitate thermal transfer very easily, so a significant cushion of air between the outside world and the underside of your RV is highly effective at helping maintain warmer temperatures.

The nature of air suggests that more is better from an insulating standpoint. That’s why each AirSkirts piece is fairly thick. A half-inch of air would be better than nothing at all, but several inches of air is even better still.

Inflation Makes Deployment Easier

Our design team got to thinking about air as an insulator and realized that inflating RV skirting is probably easier than stacking up hay bales or having to snap tarp-style skirting in place with a hundred or more fasteners. When we tested deployment on one of our early prototypes, we were proved right. Deploying inflatable skirting is incredibly easy.

It is so easy that our trailer and RV skirting can be deployed in under 20 minutes, in most cases. And you don’t need an engineering degree to do it. Anyone who can use an electric pump can deploy AirSkirts with ease.

Air Creates a Snug Fit

The insulating properties of any skirting product are only as effective as the fit. This is where AirSkirts really shines. It’s what makes our product so unique and so much better than the competition. Simply put, air creates a snug fit you will not get with any other style of skirting.

We say that our RV skirting works with any motorhome, trailer, or camper. That’s because air fills any space available to it, regardless of size or shape. As long as you purchase a kit appropriate to the size of your RV, the exact dimensions and shape don’t matter that much. Each piece in the kit will inflate to fill in all of the empty space between your RV and the ground.

Air Makes for a Gentle Skirting Product

As our design team worked through several iterations of AirSkirts, they discovered that air makes for a gentle skirting product. Because our skirts are inflatable, there is no need to drill holes in the body of your motorhome or trailer to attach fasteners. When it comes time to remove the skirting, you’re not pulling fasteners apart and putting extra stress on your vehicle. It all adds up to an effective skirting solution with a minimal risk of harm to the RV it protects.

We designed AirSkirts around air for very specific reasons. We are proud of our design and, quite frankly, we believe it’s the best in the business. Make your next skirting solution an AirSkirts product and we suspect you will ultimately agree.