We have received a ton of positive feedback since launching AirSkirts and we couldn’t be happier. When we were creating AirSkirts, we knew there was a need for a quick, simple to set up/break down, attractive skirting system that could be reused and didn’t require making permanent changes to your RV. The answer came in the form of air.

Use It or Lose It

RV skirting is very much a ‘use it or lose it’ product. You can buy the most expensive skirting on the market but fail to see the benefits if you don’t actually use it. We suspect that this happens a lot. Some of the products or DIY solutions we’ve seen are far too complicated or labor-intensive for the average RV owner to use on a regular basis while traveling and not staying in one location for an extended period of time and others are simply unattractive.

For example, can you imagine spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have a company drill holes in your RV so you can hang a PVC coated fabric skirt which then needs to be weighted or staked down? As intensive as it seems, people do it. They also provide little insulation other than acting as a windbreak. The other downside is that you’ve now permanently modified your RV and the skirt has to stay with it.

Even if you are willing to put in that kind of work initially, will it be worth your while to put the extra effort into hanging those skirts every time you park? For a lot of RVers, traditional commercial skirting doesn’t offer enough benefit to warrant all the trouble. So, they only use their skirts when exceptionally cold temperatures give them no other choice.

DIY skirting such as Styrofoam is both labor intensive and unattractive. It isn’t allowed by many campgrounds, must be cut to fit so won’t travel from site to site, and is environmentally unfriendly as they don’t hold up for more than one season. Some choose to use hay bales but that’s just inviting rodents as well as being a fire hazard and getting dry and smelly when they get wet and start to decompose.

Just Inflate and Go

Obviously, RV skirting only works when it’s being used. We realized there was a need for a product that could be set up and taken down in minutes, without the need to make permanent changes to the RV, and didn’t need to be thrown away with every move. The solution came to us in the form of air.

Air is so important to our product that we put it in the name. AirSkirts are inflatable tubes that are both easier and insulate better than other skirting methods. The tubes are incredibly easy to use. Just inflate and go. That’s it. It comes with a pump and when not in use it all goes into an included storage bag. They can also go with you if you get a new RV. You needed more space so got a larger RV? Just add a few more tubes. Or you decided to downsize – just take a few away. The modular design is another great feature nobody else offers.

Whenever you park for the night, weekend, or longer stay, there is a certain amount of set up involved with your electric, water, and sewer lines. An experienced RVer can complete the setup process in a short amount of time. Fortunately, you can add AirSkirts to your setup routine in just a matter of minutes.

Setting up AirSkirts is easy. Just take each piece out of the included storage bag and place it on the ground at its appropriate location. Then hook up the pump to each successive tube and inflate it. That’s it. It takes mere minutes to create an airtight seal around your rig. When it’s time to pack up and move on, breaking down is just as easy. You simply put the hose on the other end of the pump, suck out the air, fold the tubes, place them back in the bag, and you’re good to go onto your next adventure!

Enjoy Your Camping Experience

RV life, be it full-time, a month-long vacation, or just a weekend away should be stress free. Spending hours setting up and taking down your skirt, worrying about frozen pipes, or burning through propane at alarming rates just isn’t fun. AirSkirts solves all those problems.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to try AirSkirts?