Why DIY It When AirSkirts Are So Awesome?

Fall is the time of year when RV owners have to start thinking about protecting their rigs against colder temperatures. It is also when a lot of them start buying yards of canvas or vinyl fabric that they intend to turn into RV skirting. For some RV owners, making DIY skirts is an annual rite of fall. Yet there is no need to ever do it again thanks to AirSkirts.

We appreciate the DIY mentality. As RV owners ourselves, we get that it is possible to save quite a bit of money by doing things yourself. But RV skirting is different. If you use it year after year, there are definite benefits to buying a commercial product. And as long as you are buying commercial, there is no better choice than AirSkirts.

The Fastener Issue

One of the hardest parts of making a DIY RV skirting kit is figuring out how you are going to fasten the skirts to your motorhome or RV. Some commercial products featuring fabric skirts rely on fasteners that are permanently attached to the unit. That means drilling holes in the body of your RV, which is something we advise against.

We have seen DIY kits held in place by adhesive hooks. The hooks work well at first, but the adhesive tends to perform poorly over the course of an entire winter. Likewise for tape. Yes, we have seen some DIY skirts held in place with tape. The problem is that any kind of tape that will hold out for an entire winter is likely to leave adhesive stuck to the side of the RV come spring.

Because AirSkirts is an inflatable skirting solution, there are no fasteners involved. You don’t have to stick anything to your RV. You do not have to drill holes or worry about cleaning adhesive off your RV every year.

Torn Fabric

The typical DIY RV skirting is made with either canvas or vinyl. Unfortunately, fabrics do not necessarily hold up well against the wind. You really have to make sure fabric skirts are firmly in place so that they don’t flap in the wind. Otherwise, they could rip.

Along those same lines, fabric skirts are more prone to ripping where the grommets are attached. If a grommet isn’t installed just the right way, it won’t grip the fabric around it evenly. A little bit of stress is all that’s needed to tear the fabric around the grommet.

With AirSkirts, you do not have to worry about the wind or improperly installed grommets. Our skirts are inflatable bags you place around your RV. They do not move in the wind, nor are they subject to the same stresses that rip fabric skirts.

Annual Replacement

Unfortunately, DIY solutions rarely perform well from more than one season. That means annual replacement. It means creating an entirely new skirting solution every fall. Not only does that equate to an awful lot of work, but it also means a lot of time and money invested in skirting over the course of many years.

AirSkirts come with a five-year warranty. They should last a lot longer than that. So even though you will initially spend more to protect your RV with AirSkirts, you may actually end up saving money overall. Remember that several hundred dollars in annual DIY costs adds up over time.

RV owners are among the most industrious people around. They are known for their DIY skills. But from our perspective, RV skirting is one thing to leave to the professionals. If you have been DIYing it all these years, why not consider AirSkirts instead?