How to Determine Which Kit Size You Need

Our kits are sold exclusively based on two factors – a) the overall length of your RV and b) how high your RV sits off the ground (ground clearance).


Kit lengths are based on the manufacturer stated length – this includes the hitch, bumper, and fifth wheel tongue (even though these areas may not be skirted) and can be found by simply looking at the specs for your RV.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance refers to the amount of space between the earth and your trailer. The clearance is measured from the ground to the low point on the underside of the trailer that the tube will press against. If your trailer is on uneven ground, measure the highest point. For trailer with flat bottoms, measure to the bottom of the trailer. If your trailer has an exposed I-Beam, measure to the base of the I-Beam.

Our tubes come in two diameters:

  • Standard – 22″ diameter, suitable for ground clearance up to 20″
  • High – 34″ diameter, suitable for ground clearance up to 32″

Simply measure to the flat underside of your RV or, if your RV have an I-beam construction, to the I-Beam. Be sure to measure to the underside of the RV, not the fender skirting as the tubes should sit mostly flush with the body of the RV.