These components form the AirSkirts system. If you’re a current customer and need more RV skirting components you’ve come to the right place. Want to design your own kit? Shop from our collection of skirt components for 5th wheels, travel trailers, Airstream, Jayco, and all other RV makes and models here.

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  • AirSkirts inflatable products are extremely tough and resilient, so a puncture is very unlikely with proper care, but this patch material is included in your kit just in case. Just cut a circular shape and adhere with PVC cement. Please note that we do not ship PVC cement with orders due to shipping regulations and recommend acquiring this low cost item only if needed at your local hardware store.
  • To prevent punctures due to accidental overinflation of your AirSkirts tubes, place these corner protectors on sharp, right angled edges. Common areas you will find these sharp edges are on welded stairs and stabilizers.
  • If there are sharp objects underneath your RV, use our strip protector to prevent accidental punctures to your tubes due to overinflation. This roll is 2 meters (approximately 6 feet) in length.
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    This valve adapter allows you to inflate your AirSkirts with any compressor or pump that can connect to a standard tire or bicycle valve (Schrader). PLEASE NOTE: You will still need an AirSkirts electric pump for your skirt system. Our electric pump allows you to deflate your kit - a standard compressor and this adapter would allow you to use this adapter for inflation purposes only.
  • We love using Reflectix to insulate our windows, vents, and more. Because it's relatively stiff you can simply cut Reflectix to your window size and it will hold itself in place. Add some Reflectix to your cart to finish up your full winter RV insulation!
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    Cover both of your dual-axle tires at once with our AirSkirts tire covers. Our dual-axle tire covers are made from durable 600d polyester fabric with a coated PVC backing. These covers surround both of your tires and stay in place by means of an elastic backing, making them both durable and long-lasting. They have a UV protection of 30+ and grade 4 color fastness to ensure longevity. They are a great addition to our tire wedges for the ultimate in protection year round, but can also be used independently of the AirSkirts system. Like all of our products, we use the highest grade materials for best-in-class reliability. Our covers will work on most trailers with 27"-30" tires with normal spacing. If your wheels have significant distance between them, this product might not be the best fit. They are generously sized at 67"x10"x29" to ensure a good fit on a variety of trailers or coaches. Unlike other covers, this product comes in a set of 2, so you'll only need to order one item. Additionally, the covers come in a reusable drawstring bag for storage and transportation.
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    Stair Pillow

    If your stairs extend from underneath your trailer add a stair pillow - this pillow fills in the gap left under the stair area. This item is only necessary for stairs that have a welded frame below the trailer chassis - if your steps fold out from the door you won't need one. Stair pillows are 1 foot by 2 feet.
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    Buffer Pillow

    Our buffer pillows are useful to seal up small gaps left by irregular objects on the underside of your RV. They're especially useful for placing above a sewer drain. If you're in extreme weather or concerned about a super-tight seal, you may wish to add 2-4 of these pillows to your kit order. Our kits are super efficient even without buffer pillows but these optional add-ons make your kit even more resilient. Buffer pillows are 3 feet by 1 foot.
  • Our 800W electric air pump connects to the inflate / deflate valves of your tubes and tire wedges to rapidly inflate or deflate your AirSkirts setup.
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    Save on energy year-round without blocking the sun's rays. The AirSkirts™ AirLight™ Skylight Insulator lets the sunshine in while preventing energy from escaping through your thin skylight cover. This inflatable insulator fits in your standard sized skylight (just select the correct size) and is made of a durable, clear PVC material that stays in place without any kind of adhesive, using only air pressure to keep it in place.
  • Our durable storage bag fits your entire AirSkirts kit with room for extra materials. This bag is included in our kits, but you can also buy a la carte if designing your own setup. Made of thick PVC with double stitched carry straps, it will last as long as your skirt (which is a long, long time). When you're ready to break down your skirt, just deflate and fold your tubes and place them into the bag. We recommend placing the bag in the area you intend to store it prior to loading. The bag measures 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet. With most kits, you'll have plenty of space for extra items.
  • Tire wedges provide added insulation and protection by inflating snugly between your tires. For two axle RVs select two pairs (four wedges), for three axle RVs select four pairs (eight wedges). Kits come in two sizes - measure the space between your tires to select the correct size. Are tire wedges mandatory? No, some customers may choose to use our multi axle tire cover instead, or place wedges only at the bottom of the tires. Standard size wedges work on most trailers.

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