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    Tire wedges provide added insulation and protection by inflating snugly between your tires. For two axle RVs select two pairs (four wedges), for three axle RVs select four pairs (eight wedges). Kits come in two sizes - measure the space between your tires to select the correct size. Are tire wedges mandatory? No, some customers may choose to use our multi axle tire cover instead, or place wedges only at the bottom of the tires. Standard size wedges work on most trailers. If your wheels are spaced widely, you'll need the larger wedges.
  • Sometimes you may find our skirt cube as useful alternative to our smaller tubes for awkward spaces - such as between a wheel and stabilizer or if you have a square space under your stairs a tube won't fit in.
  • Skirt Tube

    The Skirt Tube is the is the most essential building block of your AirSkirts setup. Depending on your configuration, you may require these tube in an 4, 6, or 8 foot lengths. Our pre-configured packages are perfect for nearly all setups but you can also buy tubes individually and as needed. Each tube is constructed with super-durable .9mm PVC to withstand years and years of use. A pressure release valve also prevents accidental over-inflation. The largest tube weighs in at 13 pounds, so they're easy to handle. What diameter / ground clearance do I need?

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