Air: The Secret to Great RV Skirting

You can buy custom-made trailer skirts in all parts of the country. Most of these customized skirting solutions involve little more than tarps that attach to the side of your RV via drilled in snaps and hang to the ground. They are okay, but we think you can do better – with air.

Our RV and fifth-wheel skirting is more than just an oversized tarp. It is a collection of inflatable tubes that do not require any external fasteners. You simply place each piece in its proper location and inflate – air pressure holds them in place. The result is a completely enclosed space that keeps air and critters out.

Trapped air is the secret to great RV skirting. Here’s why:

1. It is the Perfect Insulator

You may not think of air as an insulator, but it is. In fact, it is one of the best natural insulators around. Air insulates because it’s not particularly good at either conduction or radiation. Its insulating properties are so effective that air is used to insulate buildings. Everything from thermoses to your insulated coffee cup rely on air as well.

Air and Conduction

Conduction is the transfer of energy from one substance to the other without movement from either. More often than not, conduction is accomplished through direct contact. As wonderful as air is, it doesn’t have a whole lot of mass to make contact. Therefore, it is difficult to transfer heat from a solid substance into air. Likewise, hot air doesn’t transfer heat very well to a solid substance.

Air and Radiation

Radiation is the transfer of energy from one substance to another without direct contact. The energy ‘radiates’ outward from one substance and is absorbed and stored by another. Air doesn’t facilitate easy radiation because its limited mass does not allow absorbed energy to be stored for a long period of time.

We explain all of this to say that our air-based RV skirting insulates RVs and fifth wheels exponentially better than tarps and sheets of plastic. The air inside each piece makes it difficult to transfer energy. Therefore, even the coldest exterior air is kept at bay.

2. Formfitting Insulation

There is another reason air is the secret to great RV skirting. What is it? Formfitting insulation. You can easily see what we are talking about by watching the video we put together explaining how our product works. Because our skirting is filled with air, each piece fills the gap between RV and ground. It fits perfectly without gaps or leaks.

And, unlike tarps and plastic sheets, our air-filled tubes do not move around in the wind. They stay put and effectively block air from blowing under your unit. Moreover, the warm air that does build up inside has a much harder time escaping.

3. Easy to Store

One of the benefits of traditional tarp skirting is its ease of storage. You just take the skirt off, fold it, and store it away. But guess what? Our air skirting is just as easy to store. Each piece completely deflates to a thin sheet. You fold it or roll it up and store it. It is just as easy and requires no more space.

There are lots of ways to design skirting for RVs, trailers, and fifth wheels. Some designs are better than others. We believe ours is superior. We take advantage of the natural insulating abilities air offers along with a formfitting design that completely seals off the underside of your unit.

The secret to our incredible product is air. Who knew that something we tend to take for granted could be so effective at protecting RVs and trailers?

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