The Simple Things Matter – So Your RV Skirting Should Be Simple Too

We trust you are familiar with the phrase, ‘it’s the simple things that matter’. We think of it nearly every time a customer relates to us just how simple AirSkirts are to deploy. Simple things really do matter. In light of that, shouldn’t your RV skirting be simple as well? We think so.

People have a bad habit of unnecessarily complicating things. We can take something as simple as RV skirting and turn it into a complex project that takes hours to complete. On the other hand, we can reduce protecting RV plumbing against cold temperatures to its most basic components and then design something that is a lot simpler and easier to use. That’s just what we have done at AirSkirts.

Insulating Is a Simple Concept

For starters, the whole point of developing our patent-pending air-filled RV skirts was to provide insulation against cold temperatures. Insulating is a simple concept. You create some sort of barrier against thermal transfer, thereby making it easier to control interior temperatures. It is a concept humanity has employed since we first began to build things.

With insulating being our primary goal, we quickly discovered that some of the other skirting products on the market don’t do it very well. They only protect to the extent of preventing air circulation. But that’s about it. We wanted to do better.

We understood that air is a natural insulator. Its molecules are so far apart that air does not facilitate thermal transfer very well. In other words, heat doesn’t transfer through air as easily as it does through a substance with more compact molecules. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. It is simple enough that air-filled tubes make for great RV skirting.

Deployment Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

The simplicity of air as an insulator laid the foundation for our revolutionary RV skirts. But during the design phase, we also decided that installation and deployment should be equally simple. They don’t have to be complicated, nor should they be.

Technically speaking, AirSkirts do not have to be installed in the same way as other products that involve panels or sheets. Installing those products requires attaching fasteners to your rig. When it comes time to deploy, you attach the skirts to those fasteners.

AirSkirts are a lot simpler. You do not have to attach anything to your fifth wheel, motorhome, or trailer. Deployment is as simple as taking the skirts out of their storage bag, placing them in the appropriate positions, and filling each one with air. That’s it. You can have your skirting completely deployed in relatively short order.

Protection That’s Simple to Understand

One last thing we wanted to accomplish with our design was coming up with a product that is simple to understand. We figured our customers would appreciate the effectiveness of AirSkirts RV skirting if they could easily see and understand how the product works.

As an AirSkirts customer, you can see each piece filling with air as you inflate it. You can see each piece filling in the otherwise open space and completely eliminating all leak points. You can step back and see your entire rig protected against the cold. And with that visual, you can easily understand how our product guards against frozen pipes.

Our customers often remark about how simple AirSkirts are to use. We love to hear that. We designed them to be that way. They are simple to use, simple to understand, and simply effective as a barrier against the cold. AirSkirts are no more complicated than that.