That Nerve-Racking Moment You Do Your First RV Set Up

If nothing else, we RV owners have at least one thing in common: we were all first-timers at one time. We have all gone through the experience of learning how to set up our rigs at campsites while lacking even basic knowledge and experience. We have all lived through that nerve-racking moment of setting up the RV for the very first time.

Maybe you just bought your first RV at a year-end closeout sale. Perhaps you’re planning to buy a trailer next spring. Either way, you have the next few months to study up. But all the book study in the world cannot prepare you for the very first time you pull into a campsite and have to take it from there. The only way to truly learn is to do. And along the way, you are going to be asking yourself a lot of questions.

1. Why is everyone staring at me?

When you arrive at that very first campsite, you might get lucky and be able to pull right through. Then again, you may have to back your motorhome or trailer into the spot. Once parked, you will have to determine if you are close enough to the hookups to make your connections. Then you get to start the leveling process.

All the while, you may be wondering why everyone is staring at you. They actually aren’t, you’re just going to feel that way. It is human nature. When we do something for the first time, especially if we lack confidence, we have a tendency to be terribly self-conscious. It is natural to think that the whole world is standing by, eyes glued, just waiting for something you’re doing wrong.

Now, there is one exception to this rule: installing AirSkirts RV skirting. Because our skirting is so revolutionary, expect people to stare when you’re installing it. Expect them to ask questions, too. But no worries. That is a good thing.

2. Am I doing this right?

Getting back to setting up your RV, you are probably going to be asking yourself whether you’re doing it right. You paid close attention to the sales rep who ran through basic setup instructions with you at the RV Center. But darn it all, you just cannot remember what he showed you about the gray and black water lines.

This isn’t something you want to take a chance with. If you get it wrong, there could be big trouble. So it’s off to find the owner’s manual to make sure you hook things up the right way. Don’t sweat it. We’ve all been there!

3. What if I break something?

Your discomfort at setting up the very first time might be magnified if you are scared to death of breaking something. First of all, know that your RV can handle a lot more punishment than you think. Second, pay attention to common sense and your gut. If you think something could be wrong, stop and go do some research before going any further.

Considering what is involved in a typical RV set up, there isn’t much you can damage so severely that it would ruin your entire vacation. If you make a mistake and it winds up in a repair bill, okay. Lesson learned. Just don’t do it again next time.

That nerve-racking moment you will do your very first RV set up is a moment all of us in the RV world have experienced. It comes with the territory. But guess what? You will figure it out. And before long, you will be the veteran answering questions for your rookie neighbors.