RV Skirting is an Investment in Your Investment

There are lots of ways to frame the purchase of a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer. For example, a lot of RV owners consider their rigs investments. They may not be investments in the same vein as stocks, bonds, and commodities, but they are investments in quality time. To that end, skirting is an investment in one’s RV investment.

We are not trying to be confusing here. Rather, we are trying to illustrate the purpose of our revolutionary air-filled skirting in relation to your purchase of an RV. AirSkirts skirting isn’t merely a consumer product. It is not a mere accessory with limited value. Rather, skirting improves the investment you have made in your motorhome or trailer by protecting it against cold temperatures that could otherwise freeze pipes.

Like Investing in a House

A good way to drive home the point of this post is to compare your purchase of skirting to purchases you make for your home. When you bought your home, you likely did so with the understanding that you were making an investment.

Over the years, you have invested in that investment through maintenance, repairs, and improvements. You have put money into everything from heating and cooling to new floors and window treatments. Some purchases were made out of necessity, others were optional. But every dime spent improved the initial investment in your home.

RV skirting is much the same thing. You put a significant amount of money into your rig. It is money you don’t want to see wasted. And so, you take the necessary steps to protect your trailer or motorhome. In so doing, you are investing in your investment.

Frozen Pipes Wreak Havoc

Preventing frozen pipes is the main purpose for RV skirting. If you are new to the RV lifestyle, know this one thing: frozen pipes wreak havoc. They can burst, flooding the interior of your RV along with your undercarriage luggage compartments and anything you store underneath while parked. And just like with your home, a motorhome or trailer can be uninhabitable in the weeks and months following burst plumbing.

You should also know that RV insurance policies do not cover burst pipes. Your insurance will not cover water damage, no matter how significant. In that sense, investing in RV skirting can save you money by preventing more expensive repairs caused by burst pipes.

Investing in the Lifestyle

It has been suggested that spending money on an RV is not wise because a rig depreciates so quickly. If you bought your RV with the goal of selling it for more money down the road, you made an unwise choice. Motor vehicles rarely appreciate in value unless preserved as collector’s items. Hopefully, you bought your RV to go out and use it.

Purchasing an RV is not an investment with a financial return down the road. It is an investment in a lifestyle that is nearly impossible to replicate in any other way. Indeed, there is something unique about traveling the country in a motorhome or trailer.

Your travels could come to a quick end should your plumbing freeze and burst. AirSkirts are designed to prevent that. Our RV skirting is guaranteed to fit any rig and comes with a 5-year warranty. We even offer a no-hassle return policy.

For a comparatively small investment, you are getting a skirting product that is easy to deploy and more effective than other skirting solutions. The end result is protecting your investment against cold temperatures that could otherwise cause big problems. In essence, your purchase of RV skirting is an investment in your investment.