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The Inflatable RV Skirt

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Is your RV protected? By insulating and protecting your RV’s undercarriage, you prevent freezing pipes and save money on energy costs year-round. Works for any trailer, fifth-wheel, or coach.

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The Hassle-Free RV Skirt That Inflates

Skirts are necessary to protect your RV through cold weather, but traditional RV skirting methods are expensive, time consuming, and inefficient. AirSkirts’ patent-pending, inflatable system is the only skirting system that uses trapped air as a natural insulator and can be installed in minutes.

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Because We Needed It

AirSkirts are an invention of necessity that were created due to our frustration with the usual method of skirting (ugly Styrofoam boards or problem-ridden drill-in vinyl skirts). Based in Connecticut, we pride ourselves in making products that enable the best RV living possible. Learn more about us

Video: AirSkirts Explained in Two Minutes

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Great product! One of those you wish you would have thought up yourself. Out of the box and fully operational in under 30 mins. Highly, highly recommend.

Pete in Nevada
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I recently tore off my vinyl skirting and replaced it with AirSkirts. I have nothing but good things to say. Put it this way, I’ll never go back to traditional skirting again.

Keith in Florida
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Let the Dogs Out, Keep Your Door Open

Our Pet Patio abuts your RV and creates a large outdoor area for your dogs. Your RV door opens directly into the patio area, so you can easily let your dogs outside or keep the door open.


Rugged Design Works for Energetic Small and Medium Sized Dogs

Made from heavy duty PVC, even the pointiest pet nails won’t puncture the patio. Withstands pressure from the inside out, allowing your pets to jump and rest their full weight on it.


AirSkirts Tubes Go Under Your RV

Inflatable tubes go under your RV and stay in place with air pressure, preventing pups from getting under your RV. Both a 6′ and a 4′ tube are included for various configurations.


Amply Sized

The Pet Patio is 10 feet wide, 8 feet deep, and stands 3 feet tall. An entire setup weighs under 50 pounds, making bulky metal fences a thing of the past.


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