• The Rugged, Space-saving Cooler That Inflates Coolers take up too much space, especially for those with tiny lifestyles. The inflatable AirSkirts cooler is perfect for anyone who needs portability and a small storage size in a cooler. Because our cooler packs down into a smaller carry bag it’s easy to fit into spaces a normal cooler won’t, such as RV closets or storage compartments, closets, trunks, and more. A Cooler You Don’t Have to Lug Around Our cooler packs down into a small carry bag and inflates when you need it. Its construction allows it to be extremely sturdy and rigid at a high PSI, and trapped air acts as a natural insulator to keep the contents cold. Sturdy Yet Inflatable with a New, Patent-pending Design Our cooler uses a drop-stitch PVC fabric that allows it to be inflated to a high pressure while maintaining its shape. Because of its construction, this cooler can withstand hundreds of pounds of force, so it’s no pool toy. Keeps Stuff Cold Trapped air is a great, natural insulator – a concept we employ in most of our products. Small but mighty, the AirSkirts cooler keeps ice cold for two days. Easy Cleaning with a Removable Liner Coolers are a pain to clean. The AirSkirts cooler has a removable, reusable TPU liner to make cleaning quick and easy. Meticulously Hand-crafted Unlike mass manufactured coolers, AirSkirts Coolers are deliberately assembled by experienced craftsmen. Through precise cutting, gluing, welding, and stitching, the final AirSkirts Coolers are produced one at a time.


  • Perfect for dual-axle trailers and fifth wheels, get our most popular insulation accessories bundled together at a discounted price. This bundle includes all the accessories you'll need for even the most extreme weather. Get a set of our Dual-Axle Tire Covers, two sets of Tire Wedges, two Buffer Pillows, and a roll of Reflectix. Purchased separately, these items are $504. This bundle saves you over $100!


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