6 Must Have Climate Control Products for RVers

The Inflatable RV Skirt

Here at AirSkirts we’re obsessed with creating the most energy-efficient, cost effective, and comfortable environment within our RVs. Aside from having one of our (wonderful) skirts, here are some other ideas for creating the best climate within your RV to keep your RV in good condition and keep you comfortable.

Bluetooth Propane Level Detector

Winner: LP Tank Check Dual Sensor with Monitor Kit

This was one of the best additions I ever made to my RV. On more than one occasion I ran out of propane at inopportune times (read: the middle of the night, in Illiniois, in winter) and wished for a way to quickly and easily figure out my propane levels. Sure, there’s the hot water method, or rapping on the cylinders to get an idea, but honestly being able to pull my phone out of my pocket and check instantly is not only super useful, it’s very gratifying.

Setting these up is quite easy – they attach magnetically to the bottom of your propane tanks. First, use the included lifts which attach to the bottom of the tank (this gives the tank a little bit more clearance to allow room for the sensor) and then simply place the sensor in the center. There is a quick pairing process which simply involves pressing a button on the sensor and the app (available for iPhone and Android) does the rest. The unit also comes with a physical meter which can be mounted if you prefer a gauge mounted somewhere in your RV rather than using your phone.

A couple of quick notes: first, the unit I received had some rubber lifts (mentioned earlier) which were constantly falling off. I believe the company has rectified this issue, and when I contacted them they sent me some aluminum lifts right away and at no cost. Second, this only works when you’re within Bluetooth range. The company does offer a ‘wifi bridge’ at an additional cost if you’d like to be able to monitor your tanks from anywhere (and you have a wifi network running).

Overall – I highly recommend this product and personally can’t live without it.


Winner: InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier

I can’t say this enough: every RV needs a dehumidifier (or a couple). Even in dry weather, we’re living and, most importantly, breathing in tiny, tiny spaces. Aspirating alone will cause humidity to increase drastically, and humidity causes all sorts of problems in RVs. Condensation in your roof, rust, and rot are just a few examples of problems that can occur with too much humidity in your space.

I tried several dehumidifiers and settled on the InvisiPure primarily because of its size. It fits comfortably on a countertop or under a table and has the added benefit of being almost inaudible.

Ultimately there are tons of options for dehumidifiers available – this one works for me, but I’d suggest choosing one that will fit well in your space (both physically and aesthetically) and also not be so small that you’ll be emptying it all the time.

Air Purifier

Winner: Germ Guardian Air Purifier

I first got an air purifier for my AirStream after nearby fires at Yellowstone coated the entire RV in a thin layer of soot. I’ll never go back. I have dogs (like many RVers) so getting dander and hair out of the air is an added bonus, but I think the benefits here should be clear: clean air is better for you.

This particular model was well suited for me in terms of size and filtering capacity and I knew I wanted a HEPA filter. I did try smaller models but they didn’t seem to have the air moving power of the Germ Guardian. Get whatever works best for you, but I do advise against the Honeywell oscillating models as the oscillating function has broken on both of the units I purchased.

Go forth and breathe cleanly!

Small Space Heater

Winner: Pro Breeze Space Heater

There are a million space heaters out there, but when I was first on the hunt I knew I wanted a small one. Why? I prefer to have one small unit in each room – this way I can avoid heating the entire RV (I have a single zone) and simply heat the bedroom at night (the thermostat in my AirStream is located in the bedroom, so this unit keeps the bedroom warm and prevents the furnace from firing up unless needed).

Despite it’s small size this thing really kicks. Again, I use this to augment furnace heat, so I wouldn’t recommend this to heat your whole rig, but it’s a great choice for the scenario I’m describing. It has a built in but relatively useless thermostat control (I always leave it on max) and a low and high mode (750w and 1500w respectively).

Backup Propane Detector

Winner: Natural Digital Gas Detector

One night at around 4AM I woke to the shrieking of my propane detector – one of the dials on my range must have been nudged or not turned off completely and caused propane to accumulate. I assure you, this was a frightening experience.

I decided then I wanted a backup in the case my propane detector ever failed without my knowledge. Better safe than sorry, right? This little gadget works like a charm and is relatively inexpensive, so why not have that piece of mind?

Water Leak Detector

Winner: Govee Water Detectors

Water leaks are the absolute worst – after an improperly installed water filter started slowly leaking without my knowledge, my floor was permanently damaged and in need of repair. If I’d had this little guy in place this probably never would have happened.

Essentially, just grab a set of these and place them in areas prone to leaks – under sinks, your water pump, and toilet, and if anything starts dripping where it’s not supposed to this puppy will start screaming.

And Don’t Forget Your Skirt!

A year-round skirt is one of the best things you can do to save money and protect your RV. Make sure to check out all of AirSkirts.com to see how our innovative inflatable skirting system can help you.