Important Things to Know About Desert Camping Before You Go

Deserts are unique ecosystems with a lot to offer campers. If you’ve never experienced desert camping, is it because your mind’s eye sees visions of rolling mounds of sand blown around by hot Sahara winds? Desert camping isn’t anything like that. But it is also not like camping in the mountains or a lush forest.

It goes without saying that any type of camping requires a bit of preparation. Desert camping might require a little bit more. It’s wise to bring yourself up to speed before your first desert camping trip by taking in as much information as you possibly can. If you have friends or family members with desert camping experience, they are an invaluable resource. In the meantime, we have put together a selection of things to know about desert camping before you go.

Temperature Swings Are Drastic

One of the things that makes desert camping so unique is the temperature swings campers experience. The combination of hot sun and no shade makes desert environments dangerous if you don’t know how to take care of yourself. At the same time, many people are surprised by just how cold it gets overnight.

Because deserts do not offer anything to hold heat in, the clear night sky sucks it all out. Temperatures can be near 90 during the day and drop to below freezing at night – even in the dead of summer. That’s why we say desert campers really need a good RV skirting product. We think AirSkirts is the best option around.

Windstorms Can Be Difficult

Nature’s other big problem for desert campers is found in windstorms. A good, stiff wind blowing across the desert can pick up a lot of dust. That dust gets everywhere. If you have ever seen pictures of the annual Burning Man festival, you have seen festival goers covered from head to toe in dust.

Windstorms are yet another reason to invest in RV skirting. Keeping blowing sand away from your RV or trailer’s undercarriage just makes it easier for you to keep your rig in tip-top shape. AirSkirts is the perfect RV skirting solution because its inflatable design minimizes air flow under your RV.

Campgrounds Are Limited

You can find commercial campgrounds near desert communities in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, etc. However, they are not nearly as plentiful. Depending on where you are headed to, there may be only one or two campgrounds within a 100-mile radius. That means you really have to book ahead of time if you are intent on using a commercial campground.

You can wilderness camp if you prefer. Just be prepared to be fully self-contained. Deserts offer some of the most remote environments on Earth, so you really have to take everything you need with you. Then take a little bit more, just in case.

The Scenery Is Unbeatable

This final point explains why some hard-core campers absolutely love the desert: the scenery is unbeatable. There really is nothing quite like it. Desert landscapes are unique in so many ways. They offer completely different plant life. The animals that live in deserts are nothing like those in the forests and mountains. It is really hard to describe to people who have never experienced it before.

Desert camping certainly isn’t for everyone. However, it is worth trying out if you are looking for something new. You will find plenty of great desert camping opportunities in America’s Southwest. But before you go, do your homework. Don’t forget to take your AirSkirts, extra water and propane, and clothing for both warm and cold temperatures.