How to Shop Around for RV Insurance

We trust you shopped around before you chose AirSkirts inflatable RV skirting. After all, we wouldn’t want you deciding on our product without determining that it was your best option. We feel the same way about RV insurance. It is worth shopping around in order to guarantee you get exactly what you want.

Shopping around for RV insurance isn’t a whole lot different from shopping for car insurance. There are several ways to do it. We discuss your options below, along with some of the factors that go into determining how much RV insurance actually costs.

As you read the remainder of this post, bear in mind that RV insurance almost never covers the cost of damage due to frozen plumbing. That makes our RV skirting the next best form of insurance against cold temperatures.

Use a Comparison Site

The internet is awash with insurance comparison sites. You can use one such site to find all sorts of companies that offer RV insurance. A comparison site is not likely to give you a whole lot of details. Nor will it give you guaranteed pricing. But a good comparison site can at least get you pointed in the right direction. If you want to use a comparison site, just bring up your favorite search engine and enter the phrase ‘compare RV insurance’.

Visit Individual Websites

The vast majority of insurance companies now offer online quote tools. An online quote tool is helpful in the sense that you can get quotes more quickly than you would by talking on the phone. Just know that an online quote is not ironclad. It is a ballpark estimate based on the information you provide.

Ultimately, an underwriter will have to verify your information before giving you the final price. That means the online quote you see may not be accurate. Do not be surprised if the real price ends up being higher or lower.

Get on the Phone

The next option is to get on the phone and talk to a real person. If you have an insurance agent who handles your car and homeowners’ insurance, they might also be able to find you a great price on RV insurance. In the absence of an agent, you can call insurance companies directly. The benefit of getting on the phone is that you should be able to get an accurate quote in real time because your information is verified during the call.

Things That Influence Rates

Regardless of how you go about shopping for RV insurance, there are specific things that affect rates. At the top of the list is your driving record. More than anything else, the quality of your driving determines how much you will pay for insurance. A good driver with a clean record will get better rates than a poor driver with a spotty record.

There are other things insurance companies consider:

  • RV class
  • Make, model, and year of manufacture
  • Frequency of use (full- or part-time)
  • Storage location when not in use.

Some insurance companies are fond of things like RV skirting. Anything RV owners can do to minimize the chances of filing a claim makes insurance adjusters happy. So while you’re shopping around, be sure to look for discounts related to skirting, anti-theft devices, and storage solutions. They could be your key to getting really good rates.

You spent some time shopping before you purchased AirSkirts. We are guessing you spent a lot of time shopping for your RV, too. Do the same with your insurance. Shop around to get the best deal on the exact coverage you want.