There are numerous ways to skirt your RV. Typically, we find that AirSkirts is the most competitively priced option for a non-DIY solution and offers a host of other benefits. We encourage all of our potential customers to do their own research; you can read a more thorough breakdown of options and costs in this article.

Compared to a custom made vinyl skirt for your trailer, AirSkirts are, on average, less costly or comparable in cost. This is based on our observations and information we’ve received from our customers who have had custom skirt installations quoted across the US and Canada. AirSkirts also don’t require you to move your RV for measurement and installation (or have an onsite installation), drill holes in your RV, etc. Additionally, it is worth considering that AirSkirts are not tied to one specific RV, so if you decide to upgrade in the future, your kit can come with you and your investment is not abandoned.

The old adage, “You get what you pay for” also applies here. AirSkirts are made with the highest quality materials and we back them up with a five year warranty, meaning we will replace any defective items at no cost for half a decade. Not even your RV comes with that sort of backing!

DIY options do exist and will be notably less costly than AirSkirts. These include Styrofoam, wood, and creating a vinyl skirt on your own (including drilling holes in your RV on your own, cutting material, etc.) Many of our customers have taken the DIY route in the past and have decided to upgrade to AirSkirts after observing the shortcomings of other approaches firsthand. In fact, our product was invented out of frustration with the options that were available in the market before we launched our business.

Year-over-year, we believe AirSkirts to be of the most long-term value of all options, including DIY options, with the exception of DIY construction for permanent installations (e.g. a custom made wood frame with insulation for an RV that will never move). Another factor to consider is the insulating value of the skirt you choose, as this will have a very large effect on your energy usage (propane and / or electric) year round.

AirSkirts kits are designed to fit RVs of every size perfectly and if a modification needs to be made, this service is provided at no additional cost.

We encourage customers to examine all of their options when shopping for a skirting solution and will be happy to answer your questions even if you have another solution top-of-mind. Contact us any time for more information.