6 Signs That You Love Camping More Than Anything

There are plenty of people who like camping. It is an enjoyable way to take a vacation that gets you out into the great outdoors and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Of course, there are those who love camping. They love it so much that they would rather not do anything else. Some of them eventually become full-time Rvers.

How about you? Are you a casual camper or someone who truly loves camping more than anything? If you are casual camper or weekend warrior, you see things one way. If you absolutely love camping, you see things entirely differently. It is all good regardless of your views.

As RV owners ourselves, we stepped back to consider whether it’s easy to recognize people who love camping above all else. We came up with six signs that we think might be a dead giveaway:

1. You’ve Gone on Camping Dates

Romantic dinners and movies are standard fare for dating couples. So are things like bowling, picnic lunches, and long walks on the beach. But what about camping? If you have ever gone on a camping date, you probably qualify as someone who really loves getting out with your RV or tent.

2. Open Fire Cooking Doesn’t Scare You

Weekend warriors are content to cook with propane stoves and gas grills. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But die-hard campers who love what they do are very comfortable with open-fire cooking. They are not scared by it at all. The best of the best even know what a keyhole fire pit is. They are proud to cook over one.

3. People Give You Camping Gifts

You probably love camping above all else if your friends and family members give you camping related gifts. While everyone else is getting electronics this Christmas, you’re going to get some new pieces of a camping equipment. As a side note, AirSkirts RV skirting is an excellent gift for RV owners. Remember that as you begin your annual shopping.

4. You Know How to Use RV Skirting

As long as were talking RV skirting, you probably love camping above all else if you know how to use it. Even though RV skirting is appropriate for all types of campers, weekend warriors and casual camping enthusiasts often don’t invest in it because they don’t take their rigs out between Labor Day and Memorial Day. The die-hards to do. They know a good skirting product when they see one.

5. You’re Familiar with Campsites in Multiple States

Maybe you and your friends sit around talking about your favorite campsites. If so, the fact that you are familiar with sites in multiple states is a good sign that you love camping more than most other things. That goes double for knowing the park managers at each campground by name.

6. S’mores Are like Caviar to You

If you are genuine caviar lover, there is a good chance you are not an avid camper. On the other hand, campers who love camping more than anything else love s’mores just as much as the city folk love caviar. Considering yourself a s’more aficionado is a dead giveaway of your status as someone who passionately loves the camping experience.

We will go on record as saying that camping is a fantastic activity. There is nothing quite like spending a week or two at your favorite campground enjoying all that nature has to offer. Whether you do it in an RV, a trailer, a tent, or just the back of your van, it is all good. We love it here at AirSkirts.