Promotional Postcard Display Holder



This postcard holder displays our 6"x9" promotional postcards for use in your RV dealership or RV park.

When placing the order, please provide your affiliate referral ID or coupon code in the 'order notes' section. You must be a registered and approved AirSkirts affiliate to receive this product. If you are not yet registered please visit our affiliate center to register prior to placing an order.

We charge a small amount for promotional materials to partially cover our shipping costs (we cover the costs the material itself). Once you receive your first order we are happy to refund this charge in its entirety. In some cases we are able to waive this fee - please contact your account manager for more information.

AirSkirts is a family owned small business that takes pride in our invention, our craftsmanship, and our dedication to our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - we'll make it right, or we'll take it back.

“Great product! One of those you wish you would have thought up yourself. Out of the box and fully operational in under 30 mins. Highly, highly recommend." - Pete in Nevada

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