Airstream 25′ Kit


Our Airstream 25' Kit is designed for your Airstream 25' travel trailer (all models and floorplans). This kit weighs approximately 67 pounds. If your Airstream is vintage or non-standard please select our customized kit option instead.

Concerned you don't have the right kit? Don't worry - after you submit your order, one of our engineers reviews the information you provide about your setup and confirms that the kit will work. You will be contacted prior to shipping if there are any concerns.

The AirSkirts welcome kit includes everything you need to get started with your new AirSkirts RV skirt, including our owner's manual which guides you through all of the important stuff you'll need to know to set up your kit and care for it. Be sure to read it thoroughly and watch our setup videos as well.

All kits for dual-axle Airstreams include a set of our tire covers. Tire wedges are suggested if you camp in extremely cold climates.

Note that if your Airstream was made prior to 2017, you'll need a stair pillow. If you choose to purchase an AirLight, the 19"x19" and 14"x21" are designed for Airstreams.

Included In This Kit
Add On Items
Extreme Insulation Bundle (No Tire Covers)
Buying a kit that includes Dual-Axle Tire Covers or already have your own, but want to add the other accessories you'll need to insulate your dual-axle trailer or fifth wheel in even the most frigid temps? We've made a bundle that includes the items in our Extreme Insulation Bundle, less the tire covers. You get two sets of Tire Wedges, two Buffer Pillows, and a roll of Reflectix. Purchased separately, these items are $435. This bundle saves you $86!
Tire Wedges - Standard Size (Set of 2)
Tire wedges provide added insulation and protection by inflating snugly between your tires. For two axle RVs select two pairs (four wedges), for three axle RVs select four pairs (eight wedges). Wedges come in two sizes - measure the space between your tires to select the correct size. For the vast majority of RVs our standard sized wedges are the correct choice. Some trailers with more enclosed wheel wells may benefit from just a single pair of wedges placed at the bottom of the tires. We recommend the use of our dual-axle tire covers in conjunction with our tire wedges. Are tire wedges mandatory? No, some customers may choose to use our dual-axle tire covers instead. For ultimate protection and insulation, we recommend using both our tire wedges and covers.
Stair Pillow
If your stairs extend from underneath your trailer add a stair pillow - this pillow fills in the gap left under the stair area. This item is only necessary for stairs that have a welded frame below the trailer chassis - if your steps fold out from the door you won't need one. Stair pillows are 1 foot by 2 feet.
Buffer Pillow
Our buffer pillows are useful to seal up small gaps left by irregular objects on the underside of your RV. They're especially useful for placing above a sewer drain. If you're in extreme weather or concerned about a super-tight seal, you may wish to add 2-4 of these pillows to your kit order. Our kits are super efficient even without buffer pillows but these optional add-ons make your kit even more resilient. Buffer pillows are 3 feet by 1 foot.
Reflectix Double Bubble Insulation for Windows and Vents 24"x10'
We love using Reflectix to insulate our windows, vents, and more. Because it's relatively stiff you can simply cut Reflectix to your window size and it will hold itself in place. Add some Reflectix to your cart to finish up your full winter RV insulation!
AirLight™ Skylight Insulator
Save on energy year-round without blocking the sun's rays. The AirSkirts™ AirLight™ Skylight Insulator lets the sunshine in while preventing energy from escaping through your thin skylight cover. This inflatable insulator fits in your standard sized skylight (just select the correct size) and is made of a durable, clear PVC material that stays in place without any kind of adhesive, using only air pressure to keep it in place. Our standard 14"x14" (interior 13.5") is the most common size found in RVs, and will fit in most skylights and vents at this size. To be sure, measure the inside of your skylight or vent and verify that it's about 13.5" and you have at least 2 inches of depth. Our Airstream models are made for Airstream skylights but may fit some other RVs as well. The 19"x19" is for the large square skylight and the 21"x14.25" is for the rectangular skylight often found in the hallway.

AirSkirts is a family owned small business that takes pride in our invention, our craftsmanship, and our dedication to our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - we'll make it right, or we'll take it back.

“Great product! One of those you wish you would have thought up yourself. Out of the box and fully operational in under 30 mins. Highly, highly recommend." - Pete in Nevada

If you're not sure, or have questions, we are so, so happy to help. Just give us a ring at 833-475-4787