How Pets Can Make or Break a Camping Trip

Let’s be honest. Some of us just love animals. We think nothing of having a house full of pets. And when it’s time to take to the road in a motor home or travel trailer, of course we want the pets to go along. But we also know that pets can either make or break a camping trip.

There are those RV owners who have traveled with their pets for years. They seem to know exactly what it takes to keep the animals happy and healthy. We are not experts, but we wager that the success veterans have with their pets isn’t an accident. Years of experience have probably taught them how to best travel with animals.

We did a bit of research and came up with some interesting tips on traveling with pets. Some of what we learned is shared below. While you are reading, remember that AirSkirts offers a revolutionary, effective, and easy-to-use RV skirting solution based on air. Our skirts are inflatable, making them an excellent choice for protecting your motorhome or trailer’s plumbing.

Know Your Pet’s Limits

The well-known Condé Nast website recommends knowing your pet’s limits. Some animals just aren’t suitable for travel. Others are, but they may not be up to an entire day of outdoor activity once you reach your destination. Where dogs are concerned, they are affected by all sorts of things ranging from motion sickness to excessive heat and gravel surfaces.

Your vet can give you sound advice about traveling with your animals. And if you have never done it before, take another bit of advice from Condé Nast: go slowly. Start with shorter trips and build up from there. Give your pet time to acclimate to the RV lifestyle.

Check Restrictions Before Traveling

Condé Nast also recommends looking into any possible restrictions before you travel. For example, it is pretty common to see restrictions on dogs in national parks. Dogs are often restricted to developed areas so as to not disturb wildlife. Above and beyond national parks, some private campgrounds restrict animals too.

Arriving at a campground with animal restrictions you were previously unaware of could put a damper on your camping trip. Why take that chance? A few phone calls or emails during the months leading up to the trip can tell you everything you need to know about potential restrictions.

Restrain Pets While Traveling

The WebMD website is another source for helpful information about traveling with pets. One of the things they recommend is restraining your pets while you are actually traveling. Some animals are easier to restrain than others. For example, dogs and cats can be put inside crates. More exotic pets might not be so easy to travel with.

There are two reasons for restraining animals during travel. First, you don’t need the distraction when you’re trying to drive. Second, restraining animals keeps them safer in the event of an accident. It is no different to humans wearing seat belts.

Microchip Your Pet

WebMD also recommends having your pet fitted with a microchip. The practice is most commonly seen in dogs and cats, but just about any animal can be fitted. What’s the point? Identifying you as the owner in the event that your pet wanders away at the campground.

A lost pet can truly break a camping trip. Having your pet fitted with a microchip reduces some of the concern and increases the chances that you will be reunified in the event you do get separated.

Pets can make or break a camping trip. Hopefully, the tips in this post have given you food for thought.