Because they’re made of a thick, heavy duty material, AirSkirts are hefty. Weight depends on kit size, with our smallest kit weighing around 30 pounds and are very large kit weighing around 130 pounds. But don’t worry – you don’t need to pick this up all at once – simply grab each individual tube from the storage bag one at a time. The largest tube weighs about 13 pounds. Most customers keep this bag in the back of their tow vehicle (if they own a trailer) or in their storage area underneath (if they’re in a coach). AirSkirts easily pack down to the same size as when they arrived (or less!) because our air pump deflates as well as inflates. Expect your kit to need just 3-8 cubic feet of storage area depending on the kit size. Our storage bag is just shy of 3’x2’x2′, and fits most kits with room to spare.

The way our tubes come folded from the factory are usually much bulkier than how you’ll fold them after use, so the box(es) your kit is shipped in might not reflect the space it’ll take up in your RV/tow vehicle.