AirSkirts Affiliate Program

Whether you’re an RV dealership, a campground, a current customer looking to refer friends, or a blogger/YouTuber/social media maven that can drive traffic, we have a program for you.

RV Dealerships

We offer exceptional wholesale rates on our products, and AirSkirts is the only RV skirt that can be reliably sold off the shelf. Whether you want to stock AirSkirts on your shelves or have us drop-ship, please schedule a brief introductory call to get started and learn more about AirSkirts.

RV Campgrounds

Do you run an RV Campground? Want to be done with customers using ugly insulation board on their campers? We can provide your campground with a custom coupon code giving your customers a discount which also provides you with a commission on each sale made. Please schedule a brief introductory call to get started and learn more about AirSkirts, or simply apply on our affiliate center.

Customer Referrals – Anyone Can Earn $$ Per Sale

Current AirSkirts customer or thinking about purchasing? We can provide you with a coupon code to give your friends and fellow campers – they’ll get $50 off and you’ll earn a percentage per skirt kit sale. You can apply on our affiliate center to get started.

Affiliates – Bloggers, YouTubers, Social Media, Etc.

Do you have a high traffic blog, website, YouTube channel, or social media account? We can provide you with an affiliate link for your readers. We offer a competitive percentage based referral and an industry exceeding 365 day cookie duration. Affiliates can apply on our affiliate center or schedule an introductory call to discuss. We typically only accept on-topic blogs and channels, but please let us know if you believe you have relevant means to drive traffic.

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