Preserved for posterity, this post is from April 1, 2021, and yes, it’s an April Fool’s Joke :)

Introducing AirBoat: Turn Your RV Into a Floating Water Palace

AirBoat - Turn Your RV Into A Boat

Simply stunning execution, AirSkirts has made the impossible possible with AirBoat.*

Need a getaway from your getaway? With AirBoat, AirSkirts let you take to the water with your RV.*

The masterminds at AirSkirts have done it again with AirBoat, letting us mere land-dwellers take to the sea.*

Works with any RV.

AirBoat’s exclusive design works with travel trailers, fifth wheels, and even motorcoaches. Steamboat paddle sold separately.

Ever Want to Just Float Away?

With AirBoat™ from AirSkirts™ you can take your RV experience to the next level by converting your RV into a seaworthy vessel. Whether you intend to go fishing, become a pirate, avoid rising sea levels, or simply float around your very large pool with your feet in the water, AirBoat™ is there to make it happen.

April Fools!

Did we get you?

Nope, AirBoat isn’t real, but our new promotion is.

From now until April 9th at 11:59ET, save $150 on any AirSkirts RV Skirt Kit. Just use code APRIL at checkout.

* none of these publications actually said any of these things