AirSkirts Style Guides, Media Kit, and Assets

Headline: AirSkirts: Making Year-round RV Life Possible

Overview: AirSkirts is a new invention that fundamentally changes the way RVs are ‘skirted’ – skirts protect RVs from extreme weather by means of insulating the RV’s undercarriage. Prior to AirSkirts, RV owners were forced to drill holes into their RV or use messy, DIY solutions like Styrofoam to protect their camper from freezing pipes and energy loss. The AirSkirts system is comprised of a series of military grade, inflatable tubes and accessories that inflate under the RV, removing the need for modifications to the RV while providing superior insulation, resistance to wind, and a host of other benefits. Unlike throw-away vinyl skirts of the past, AirSkirts are built to outlast the RV itself, enabling the owner to take the product with them when they upgrade to a new RV.


Brand Color

AirSkirts Green is #68bf71


Most fonts available through Adobe Fonts or are otherwise freely available

CarlMarx Bold
Only for use by graphic designers with permission

General: Roboto
Banner headlines: Bebas Neue

Headline: Franklin Gothic Demi Cond
Body: Franklin Gothic Book

Tagline: That’s Font Folks
Promotional: Prater Sans

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