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All About AirSkirts

Do I have to modify my RV or bring it to a shop to use AirSkirts?2020-11-09T21:10:46-05:00

Absolutely not! In fact, this is one of the biggest advantages AirSkirts offers compared to traditional RV skirts. PVC sheeting and other types of manufactured skirts require you to install snaps onto your RV, meaning you (or a shop) has to drill into your beautiful, expensive RVs body and add unsightly snaps. Some of these skirts offer snaps that will adhere to your RV, but these are unreliable and must be spaced very closely together.

AirSkirts simply inflates underneath your RV creating a tight seal. For this reason, AirSkirts is the absolute fastest way to skirt (and unskirt) your RV, with an average deployment taking under 20 minutes.

How is AirSkirts different from other types of RV skirts?2020-11-09T21:10:09-05:00

Traditionally, RVers skirt their RVs in one of two ways:

1. An installable, often custom made, and always expensive drape skirt, usually made of PVC or canvas. This approach requires drilling into the RV itself to secure snaps in place, and when skirting the skirt must be meticulously snapped to the RV and then staked into the ground or weighted down. These skirts don’t have insulating properties like AirSkirts does.

2. A homemade solution, usually achieved by purchasing housing insulation boards, cutting them to size, and then finding a way to adhere them to the RV itself. This DIY method can be attractive because of a relatively lower cost but is extremely time consuming and must be repeated each year. In our estimates AirSkirts exceeds the value of a DIY solution in just a few seasons and saves many hours of labor (when you could be hanging out in your camper and enjoying yourself instead. Although this method offers more insulation than a standard drape skirt it offers nowhere near the insulating properties of AirSkirts.

So, what makes AirSkirts better than these traditional options?

– Less expensive than a custom drape style skirt

– Saves more energy and provides better insulation than other optiopns

– Far more attractive than Styrofoam skirts. In fact, some campgrounds disallow skirts in the summer, but allow AirSkirt simply because it’s not an eyesore.

– Pays itself off compared to either a drape or DIY approach. Less expensive than a drape, AirSkirts is the obvious choice for anyone considering a purchasing a skirt. Year over year, AirSkirts also beats out the DIY solution (as our customers will attest) in terms of cost, not to mention the many hours of manual labor, adjustments, and tinkering that go along with a DIY solution.

What are the major benefits of AirSkirts?2020-11-09T19:54:50-05:00

Well, here’s just a few!

  • Super durable .9mm PVC construction
  • Designed and engineered in Connecticut by a full-time RVer
  • Exclusive, patent-pending inflatable design
  • Superior insulation from cold and heat with a 22″ air cushion
  • Cross connect capability allows you to inflate all tubes at once
  • Innovative tire-wedge for complete seal
  • Optional intelligent pump for increased performance
  • Use year round for energy efficiency
  • Easy carry bag – just roll up and go
  • Modular design – position tubes however you want, and order a la carte
  • Shape conforming system to accommodate for drains, valves, etc.
  • No modification or installation needed on your RV
  • Deploy in under 30 minutes – use AirSkirts even for brief stays
  • AirSkirts stays in place even with snow, wind, and rain
  • Keeps out unwanted friends and debris like skunks, raccoons, leaves, snow, and goblins
  • Beautiful design makes you (and your RV) look really cool
Should I use AirSkirts in warmer weather?2020-11-09T20:04:06-05:00

Absolutely yes! Although there is no risk of pipes freezing in warmer weather the insulating properties of AirSkirts will help keep your trailer cool, conserve energy, and prevent debris from getting underneath.

Will AirSkirts work for my fifth-wheel?2020-11-09T20:05:31-05:00

Short answer: yes. Though AirSkirts isn’t appropriate  for the elevated portion of your fifth-wheel trailer, the entire base of your trailer can (and should!) use AirSkirts and you’ll get all of the benefits the product offers. While many fifth-wheelers choose not to skirt their elevated portion at all, you could investigate a more traditional skirting method for that portion – consider though that this area does not typically have pipes that are susceptible to freezing and traditional skirts offer very limited insulating properties.

Because your fifth-wheel may have a higher ground clearance than other trailers, please get the ground clearance measurement you need and order a high clearance kit if necessary.

How does AirSkirts handle things like sewage pipes, hose holders, etc?2020-11-09T20:26:01-05:00

Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to your sewage drain. Simply place the AirSkirts tube under the drain area and inflate – the tube will inflate to conform around the irregular areas.

How does AirSkirts work with slide-outs?2021-01-18T05:27:11-05:00

AirSkirts is concerned with the core of your trailer – think of wearing a vest – the system protects and insulates the main body of your trailer (or coach) and protects the most vulnerable areas where water pipes are and where the majority of heat or cold dissipates. For slide outs you’ll get insulation by the use of furniture, carpeting, and window insulation (such as Reflectix). AirSkirts will not interfere with the operation of your slides.

Do AirSkirts work well in high wind?2021-01-18T05:29:04-05:00

AirSkirts are very resilient in high wind. While other skirting methods hold up poorly in high wind conditions, AirSkirts are pinned between the ground and the RV by air pressure, meaning you can kick an AirSkirts tube and it wont budge. AirSkirts deal equally well with pressure from accumulating snow.

How much do AirSkirts weigh? How much space do they take up?2021-01-18T05:35:51-05:00

Because they’re made of a thick, heavy duty material, AirSkirts are weighty. Weight depends on kit size, with our smallest kit weighing around 60 pounds and are very large kit weighing around 130 pounds. But don’t worry – you don’t need to pick this up all at once – simply grab each individual tube from the carry bag one at a time. Most customers keep this bag in the back of their tow vehicle (if they own a trailer) or in their storage area underneath (if they’re in a coach). AirSkirts easily pack down to the same size as when they arrived because our air pump deflates as well as inflates. Expect your kit to need just 4-8 cubic feet of storage area depending on the kit size. Our storage bag is roughly 3’x2’x2′, and fits most kits.

RV Skirting 101

Is there a video that explains everything about RV skirts?2020-11-09T21:10:32-05:00

Sure is! Here you go.

What is an RV Skirt and why do I need one?2020-11-09T21:09:35-05:00

Skirts are traditionally used for protecting RVs from cold weather. By placing a barrier around the perimeter of the RVs undercarriage, cold air is prevented from blowing underneath the RV and freezing pipes or causing other damage.

AirSkirts can be used for more than just RVs. In fact, AirSkirts works for tiny homes, construction site trailers, horse trailers, and all other sorts of elevated structures.

Unlike traditional skirts, AirSkirts offers the additional benefit of acting as an insulator. Because of the large barrier of air placed between the outside world and beneath your RV, heat under the RV is retained. This has two benefits: first, the energy savings are substantial. Your RV floor will emit heat to the underside of the RV, and with AirSkirts acting as an insulator much more of this heat is retained. This will save you money, require less propane refills or electricity, and be better for the planet. A second benefit is having warmer floors as a result. All in all, having an insulated undercarriage is a huge benefit that ultimately pays for itself.

Picking Your Kit

What diameter tube do I need? What does ground clearance mean?2021-03-05T10:36:48-05:00

For quick help finding the right kit, try out our kit selection wizard.

Our tubes come in two diameters:

  • Standard – 22″ diameter, suitable for ground clearance up to 20″
  • High – 34″ diameter, suitable for ground clearance up to 32″

Ground clearance refers to the amount of space between the earth and your trailer. The clearance is measured from the ground to the low point on the underside of the trailer that the tube will press against. If your trailer is on uneven ground, measure the highest point. For trailer with flat bottoms, measure to the bottom of the trailer. If your trailer has an exposed I-Beam, measure to the base of the I-Beam.

Once You Have Your Skirt

How do I set up AirSkirts?2020-11-09T19:55:40-05:00

Each AirSkirts kit comes with detailed setup directions, but it really couldn’t be simpler. Just place the skirt tube underneath your RV (or structure) and position it where you want it. Continue this process until the perimeter of the RV is covered, and then connect the tubes together using the provided cross-connect tubes. Then, hook up the included electric pump, hit the inflate button, and in a couple of minutes you’re fully set up to go!

Is there a video that shows how to set up AirSkirts?2020-11-09T20:00:12-05:00

Shipping, Warranty, and Returns

What is the warranty on AirSkirts?2020-11-09T20:03:15-05:00

FIVE YEARS – an industry leading commitment to our customers – because we love and trust our product so much.

We are proud of our products and stand by them. Every AirSkirts product comes with a guarantee to be free of defects in craftsmanship, and our warranty is an industry-beating FIVE years with free returns. Our warranty doesn’t cover punctures and tears, but with our super rugged materials (and included patch kit) you won’t have much to worry about.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?2020-12-26T15:00:49-05:00

Each skirt is lovingly made to order, so our current shipping times are 14-28 days. If you desperately need it sooner please call and we’ll see if we might have anything in stock.

Do you ship to Canada?2021-01-28T07:39:39-05:00

Yes! Our shipping fees to Canada, which can be viewed at checkout, are inclusive of duties/taxes/customs clearance, so you won’t receive a separate tax bill.

Do you ship to Alaska / Hawaii / US territories?2021-01-28T07:40:38-05:00

We sure do! Our shipping fees can be seen at checkout.

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