The Inflatable RV Skirt

Is your RV protected? By insulating and protecting your RV’s undercarriage, you prevent freezing pipes and save money on energy costs year-round. Works for any trailer, fifth-wheel, or coach.

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The Hassle-Free RV Skirt That Inflates

  • RV skirting goes around the perimeter of your RV to prevent warm (or cool) air from being whisked away
  • Protects your pipes from freezing and causing damage
  • Saves on heating and cooling costs
  • Necessary to protect your RV through cold weather
  • Other methods are time consuming and inefficient
  • Uses trapped air as a natural insulator
  • Heavy-duty, military grade PVC coated canvas
  • Sets up in minutes instead of hours or days
  • No drilling holes in your RV or messy DIY solutions

Video: AirSkirts in 90 Seconds

Because We Needed It

AirSkirts are an invention of necessity that were created due to our frustration with the usual method of skirting (ugly Styrofoam boards or problem-ridden drill-in vinyl skirts). Based in Connecticut, we pride ourselves in making products that enable the best RV living possible. Learn more about us

Video: AirSkirts in 90 Seconds

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Great product! One of those you wish you would have thought up yourself. Out of the box and fully operational in under 30 mins. Highly, highly recommend.

Pete in Nevada
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I recently tore off my vinyl skirting and replaced it with AirSkirts. Nothing but good things to say. Put it this way, I’ll never go back to traditional RV skirting again.

Keith in Florida
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Video: AirSkirts Fifth Wheel Setup

Video: AirSkirts Travel Trailer Setup

Video: AirSkirts Motorcoach Setup

The Best Way to Skirt Your RV

AirSkirts’ design is deceptively straightforward: AirSkirts tubes are laid out around the RV, inflated, and then held in place by air pressure with no drilling or adhesives required.

Super-Fast, Portable Setup

No permanent installation or RV modification required – shave your installation time from hours and hours to under 30 minutes – or get rid of those messy sheets of Styrofoam.

Extremely Durable, Military Grade

Heavy duty PVC tarpaulin and military grade valves will insulate and protect your RV for years and years. Our seams are heat welded and resistant to tears and extreme weather.

More Affordable and No Drilling Holes in Your RV

Custom RV skirting can cost up to $5,000 and you need to permanently modify your RV. AirSkirts requires no installation! If you’re used to using hay or Styrofoam, say goodbye to the labor, hassle, and waste.

For Any Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Coach

AirSkirts modular design allows it to work with any RV. No need for custom made skirts or labor intensive, home-grown solutions. Better still, if you upgrade your camper you can keep your existing AirSkirts

Pays for Itself in Winter and Summer

AirSkirts uses trapped air as an insulator, resulting in a dramatic increase in heat retention compared to traditional camper skirts. Also, use AirSkirts during warmer weather and save on cooling costs!

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